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    Everything Attachments - Bankrupt?

    I got with my credit card company yesterday and I see a refund on my card statement today. I was surprised I got the money back so fast. I purchased a grapple back in early November.
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    Advice Needed for spreading dirt

    It has been out for about 5 months. It is dry as I have used some already in other places on the property.
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    Advice Needed for spreading dirt

    Dirt is already on site and will not be delivered. It is in large piles from one end of the pond being dug deeper with an excavator. No dozer on site either. Carrying everything with the Kubota fel.
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    Advice Needed for spreading dirt

    Dirt is already on site and not being delivered by truck. It was piled up while digging part of the pond deeper. Don’t want the dirt to just go to waste so I thought I’d spread it on the dam.
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    Advice Needed for spreading dirt

    Hello, I need to spread about 50-60 yards of dirt with a 2501. I’m fairly new at working a tractor but I’m capable. I’ve just never done any dirt work on this scale. I will be spreading it on top of a 60 yard pond dam. I will be using the bucket of course and then a box blade. Would it be...
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    Adding weight to Brushcutter

    It ended up working really well. I had everything adjusted so the brushcutter didn’t swing. I laid bags of rice bran and deer corn on the deck and they conformed over the top bracing and they did not move at all. I did place them at the 3 pt end of the deck close to the tractor. Locking the...
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    Adding weight to Brushcutter

    Thanks for the tip on the differential lock - it made a huge difference!
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    Adding weight to Brushcutter

    In 4 wheel drive and low gear.
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    Adding weight to Brushcutter

    I suggested putting the weight up close to the lift arms as I would be worried about the stress on the Landpride cutter deck. The side walls of the cutter have been less than stellar and have bent very easily. It probably doesn’t matter and I agree with what you posted.
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    Adding weight to Brushcutter

    As I am backing up the embankment it feels like the back tires are not firmly planted due to all the weight in the bucket of the tractor. Just thought the extra weight would help.
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    Adding weight to Brushcutter

    This is exactly the problem I was experiencing.
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    Adding weight to Brushcutter

    I was digging out dirt along the edge of a new pond. Going straight down the grade into the pond to remove dirt (no water yet along the pond edges, but water out beyond this point so I could not come at it from the pond bottom).
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    Adding weight to Brushcutter

    I have a L2501 and a Landpride 1260 brush cutter. I need more weight on my rear end for some loader work. Rear tires are already filled. Would it hurt anything to put bags of concrete on the mower deck up towards the lift arms? Maybe five or six 50 lb bags? Thanks!
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    Reality tv farm show

    I watched it awhile back and it was entertaining.
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    Tell me what NOT to do!

    Along with all of the stuff already written, I will pass on a mistake I made with my first tractor purchased a little over a year ago. Develop a routine for making sure the parking brake is off when using the tractor. It will move with the parking brake on and eventually start smoking😳. Also...
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    Everything Attachments WOW!!!

    Where did you get your Cultipacker? Thanks
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    OK has anybody

    Saw one last week here in northwest Louisiana.
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    Pallet fork width adjustment

    Hello, I tried searching but could not find an answer to this question - What are the width adjustment parameters possible with the Landpride PFL2042 pallet forks? I don’t have the tractor yet, but will take possession this Saturday after we close on our land. I need to know how narrow the...
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    Tractor Caddy or Great Day Tool Tray?

    That is the direction I’m leaning as well. The light bar does look nice and very simple to install. But that will have to wait…
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    CNC rubber mats for my L2501 HST

    What do the rubber mats do for you besides protect the paint on the floorboard? Thanks!