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  1. arml

    Grease guns that don't leak?

    I feel your pain....same problem here.
  2. arml

    Concealed Carry Gun?

    My summer carry is a S&W 340 MP'''''accurate and deadly,
  3. arml

    Smashed and bashed

    Rear ended while working near a highway.....most likely a tractor trailer moving very fast.
  4. arml

    How often does YouTube save you $$$$

    Lot of helpful info on the tube. Got me out of a bunch of jams.
  5. arml

    BX2200 MMM driveshaft will not release

    Well hours of frustration with no luck. Seems a plasma cutter required....nah, just going to live with it as is. Lift it high and crawl under it to maintain it. I sure hope the U joints don't fail.
  6. arml

    BX2200 MMM driveshaft will not release

    I can't get this driveshaft to move, collar retracts but the shaft will not slide off the splines....aside from a BF hammer what is the solution??? I've tried all I can think of with no luck. I recall it was very tight the last time I put it on....needed some persuasion to get it on. Or should I...
  7. arml

    Rotella T6 synthetic oil

    I remember the glass bottles next to the pumps, I recall a quart was about 10 cents, heck gas was 32 cents a gallon....that was in 1962. I was driving my 1952 olds with a 57 olds J2 v8 engine with 3 two barrel carbs. Yep, those days where fine.
  8. arml

    Rotella T6 synthetic oil

    Oh my, I'll drink to that! LOL
  9. arml

    A winch on my 2502

    Sorry, just trying to input a thought.
  10. arml

    A winch on my 2502

    This looks easy enough...
  11. arml

    Taking out a little wear

    You see, it's easy if you know how....45 years as a machinist and I still smile. Yep.
  12. arml

    Taking out a little wear

    Well, the reamer comes in at last the bushing.
  13. arml

    Taking out a little wear

    Well, if the worn hole is worn off center, then best find true center. I think TheOldHokie had that figured. me thinks....
  14. arml

    Learn CPR today...

    Wow, food for thought. I think I'll check with our local Hospital and, see if they have a CPR program.
  15. arml

    BX1800– starter blew out while no one aroung

    That's just one reason that I use a battery disconnect switch on all my equipment. Cheap insurance.
  16. arml

    Sometimes you need a solid canopy

    Did you see what the D9 can do...look at what ISRAEL is doing with the ones they are using in conflicts..real monster machines. Youtube has plenty of views.
  17. arml

    Another Heavy Safe Move......Maybe

    Sometimes luck is with this opened two years ago.
  18. arml

    Lest we Forget

    VN 66-67
  19. arml

    Bucket Level Indicator?

    Yep, a lot like many of our politicians.