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    bx2680 wheel spacer size

    Brotek's website should tell you. Part of it depends on your mmm width. I have the 2" spacers on my BX2370 with the 60" inch deck.
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    bx2680 wheel spacer size

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    Robin's. Who's got them?

    Started seeing them about a week ago here In North Missouri.
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    Are they nuts????

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    5 Fall food plots for Nachos.

    All you need now is that rain. Are you doing this commercially or for your own use?
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    Are all BX Series 80 created equal?

    Got a good buddy just had his done. Short recovery and he is like a new man!
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    MY L1500DT is in a Kubota Ad!!

    That is way cool.
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    Age, Hours and Condition Vs what's a fair value

    I don't think so. Probably a 2370.
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    Piranha Tooth Bar for BX2380, BX2680

    I already own one and would not sell it for $500 if I couldn't get another one. In order to sell it you need to provide the exact length. They are made to fix Your bucket and they are not all the same.
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    Mid mount mower deck belt replacement

    No personal experience. But it sounds tempting.
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    Canopy for B2650

    I have a Rhinohyde. It's flexible plastic so it wil take lots of abuse and can be mounted above or below your rops.
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    Piranha Tooth Bar

    I'm sorry your having trouble . I've had mine for awhile... Excellent customer service and product has been my experience.
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    Fuel can options

    . Got the same. Justrite is the brand name. I tried all the tricks( different noozles// added vent etc. to plastic cans. Darn things still dripped fuel on the tractor. The Justrite is carb compliant add doesn't leak a drop.
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    Time to upgrade

    I would go for the 60" mower.
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    L2501? B2650? What type/how large of a tractor to buy.?

    Everyone has a opinion and they don't always agree. If it was me i would opt for the L2501 to avoid the potential emissions problems and buy a Brush Hog sized to it.
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    How did this happen?

    Skeets i feel your pain. I'm nearly 68 and I like you i was the one doing the helping. Humbles you when you need help to do things you used to be able to do yourself. I just ended chemotherapy last month and doing fine, but i sure hope some of my stamina comes back.
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    Tools for drainage and "creek" construction?

    Your progress so far looks really nice!
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    What is the best engine oil?

    You can't go wrong with Rotella T6. You can find it at Walmart at a reasonable price.
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    Almost a real backhoe

    If your Ok with it so am i. Got a problem with that John Deere seat though.LOL
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    kind of selfmade grapple

    Looks pretty cool. And from the pictures looks to the job. Good Job!