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    B219 loader cylinder rebuild

    When i rebuilt the FEL on my old B7200 I bought a small engine cylinder hone, welded an extension on it, and honed all four cylinders to take out the majority of the linear scratches and put a cross hatch back in them. Ran it for over a year before I sold the tractor and never a one drop of a...
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    Hosing off the engine?

    I like to use my pressure with a wide fan spray to knock the dust off. Then I hit it with a leaf blower to blow the water out of all the nooks and crannies. Works great.
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    Kubota 3350 good tractor?

    I went with the 2650 for simplicity. What a great tractor!! It's been a work horse for sure.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    washed her up good!!
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    Weather in your area ?

    Crazy summer storm hit East San Diego and we got 2.46 inches of rain at my house in about an hour or so.
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    Weather in your area ?

    Dry and hot here in East County of San Diego. From November 1 2014 to June 1 2015 we have had a total of 11.7 inches of rain in Dehesa Valley. Boy we need more. My brother who lives about 2 miles from me is on a waiting list to have his well deepened, he cant keep his storage tank filled. My...
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    B6200HSTD Help

    Before you know it you will have that old girl back up to snuff. Nice work. Nate
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    Looking at small L series. Need advice on size, tier IV emissions, etc.

    Decisions decisions. I just picked up a brand new B2650 to work my 12 acres out in the east county of San Diego. While I have 12 acres I only really maintain 5 so a B seemed like a good fit. I picked the 2650 to avoid tier 4 and dpf issues. I am extremely satisfied withe the 2650, it's bigger...
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    If I recall correctly about 850 lbs per kubota Canada website.
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    B7100d for sale

    Just sold a b7200 hst with qa loader and box blade for $6250. Mine was in really good shape, I am in San diego for geographical reference. I think you should list for $7k. You can always come down.
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    B6200D Tansmission oil change

    When you drained the transmission did you remove all three drain plugs?
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    B1750 HST Problem

    Are you sure it is the front drive shaft that is disconnected? Could it be the propeller shaft going into the HST that is disconnected? That would explain why the tractor does not go forward or reverse in 2 or 4 wheel drive.
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    b7200 hst noise and lack of power

    Go to Kubota and download the service manual. It will tell you what the charge pressures and case pressures should be. You can see if they are within specifications.
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    B6200HSTD Help

    The 3PTH leak down is most likely caused by a poor sealing lift piston. Good thing is that it's an easy fix. Remove seat and associated brackets. Remove the four bolts on the hydraulic piston cover. Pull the lift piston out and install new Oring and new backup ring. Dress the hydraulic cylinder...
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    Please Help! Its raining on my new baby!

    These are a bit expensive but are taylor made to fit your tractor.
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    Contemplating B2650 purchase

    Still waiting for it to come in....grrr
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    Mini Jeep/Happy Boy

    And that my friend is what life is all about. :)
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    Contemplating B2650 purchase

    I pulled the trigger. Now it is a waiting game. I got the tractor, loader, R4s, 54" quick attach bucket, telescoping rear arms, and a new 54" HD gearmore boxblade. I offset the price by selling my little B7200. I will miss that little tractor. I will post pictures when it comes in.
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    My B7610 is going back

    I agree OldEnglish. Dealer offered me $2500 for my B7200HST with loader and box blade. I was able to get $6250 for it selling it myself on craigslist.
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    Contemplating B2650 purchase

    Got my quote. 2650 tractor, FEL, quick disconnect bucket, 54" gearmore box blade for $21k out the door. How's that sound?