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    Do you need a truck?

    I have been frequently asked over the years why I have never owned a pickup truck considering all the work I do. I prefer to have a V8 powered SUV to haul my 7000 lb. tandem trailer with. A lot easier to park or maneuver in tight spaces when not hauling. The vast majority of the building...
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    B6100 front loader hydraulic pump

    Exactly! What I cannot understand.
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    B6100 front loader hydraulic pump

    Thanks Dan, my b7200hst had a KMW loader on it and from my memory also had 1.5" bore cylinders. I agree that it could have been faster but adequate. I was thinking I was missing something as when I converted my BH77 on my new LX2610 to its own pto pump I thought a 10-11 gpm pump would work...
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    B6100 front loader hydraulic pump

    Dan, Just wondering if 7 gpm is going to be too much or not. My b7200 had a 4 gpm pump which operated the loader and the 3ph. Am I missing something.
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    block heater for L235

    I would try to just replace you existing heater in the hose. I have never been a fan of frost plug heaters as I have had them blow out in vehicles. I have never found it necessary to have a heater on my tractor here in Ontario since having diesel tractors since 1985.
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    B6100 front loader hydraulic pump

    Another thread regarding similar situation. Since the pump appears to be attached to the front of the crankshaft a generic pump should be able to be retro fitted.
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    Z725 mower shooting flames

    My zero turn has the same engine. I have always had to have the choke on to start from day one when new. Even when hot. Makes a loud noise for a second and then fires up. Choke is then immediately pushed in. This procedure was explained when new by the dealer. Have never had this in the past...
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    Need help with grease fitting size on la 1154s loader

    Can't you just order #050 from the parts list. They should be all the same.
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    Backhoe steel

    Have you considered using your loader instead of the bh. I frequently move a tandem trailer with just a ball on a small steel plate which in turn is bolted to the center hole on the loader cutting edge. Been doing this for years without issues. Very easy hook up and travel easily in either...
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    Electrical question......

    And then they mandate child proof receptacles that you need a sledgehammer to help inserting a plug into. The world has gone nuts. Before I retired, they banned replacing clip in circuit breakers without first isolating the entire panel. Gave us lots of overtime as we had to wait until everyone...
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    Propane question?

    I have been retired for some time but up here a gas fitter license includes both natural gas and propane. On an installation like that you would always replace the flex connector with a new one. Never heard of any difference between flex connectors for NG vs LP. The maximum pressure seen by...
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    Lx2620 hst noise vs 2610

    The cab amplifies the HST sound on my LX2610 and if I had known the LX2620 was coming out, I would have likely waited for it. To hear the radio I have to have the volume turned up. I might start to wear hearing protection as well.
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    Mower Chute Question

    Mine was immediately removed upon purchase as it would just get in the way going around trees etc. and have no stones but generally open fields to worry about. If around anything such as vehicles or buildings, I always discharge away from them. I am usually cutting longer grass in the fields...
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    Grease guns that don't leak?

    My three grease guns are always stored in a 5-gallon pail
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    B219 front pump & FEL

    If you are good at fabrication you might be able to alter it a bit to have both mower and loader on at the same time. The b7200 that I had I made my own subframe that allowed the mower deck and loader to be on together. I had planned on adding an independent lift mechanism to lift the mower so...
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    I think I overpaid

    You did good and forget what the neighbor said. I was talking to a distant relative that owns an excavation company last month. I told him that I had recently purchased a new Kubota and the first thing he says was " they are very expensive". He then proceeds to tell me of the cheap Chinese...
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    If you please

    At least the mice will be happy. Maybe buy it in cans next if available.
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    BX2380 - FEL Excavation Project - Possible or no?

    With regard to the tree stumps can you not just rent a stump grinder. You can grind away the entire stump while removing the spoils with your loader as you go. A backhoe also would certainly help as previously mentioned. I certainly could not live without a backhoe that I have had for 40 years...
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    Tiller identification on B7100

    Bearings are seldom a problem sourcing. Just take the original to your local bearing supply such as BDI.
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    BH92 creaking noise when moving the boom left to right not in and out

    I would look for loose bolts on the subframe as well as cracked welds. Try to narrow down where the noise is coming from. I assume this is new equipment.