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    L2250 Tires and wheels

    That $835.00 + tax is a great deal for tires and wheels! Is that from the Kubota dealer using their "whole goods" ordering option? I'm curious to know. Al
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    R3 9.5x16x8 front turf tire ?

    For new there's the Goodyear R3 All Weather 8 ply of the Firestone R3 Turf & Field 6 ply for choices. They haven't made the Bridgestone in probably over 25 years maybe longer. You can use one of the Craigslist search apps to find used or take off's. Al
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    BX2370 wheel spacers

    Absolutely amazing to find spacers for a Jeep that the bolt pattern matched to fit your Kubota and a cheaper than dirt price to boot. If they do in fact fit and work out as planned sharing the information and source is awesome and what the forum is all about. Kudos! Al
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    Rear Tire Ballast

    I agree with Skeets, valve level fill at the 12 O'clock position and good to go. What you're thinking from what you wrote was that your line of thinking is a half full tire will put the weight on the bottom half of the tire. No necessarily so and it gets kind of confusing but you're better off...
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    finally got some pallet forks

    Awesome bargain and excellent job of fabricating them to fit perfectly too! Be careful about wanting that "Yooper" certificate tho, it requires LIVING in order to earn in the land of a whole lot more snow and cold than Ohio LOL! If you need to weld thicker metal keep your eye out on Craigslist...
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    B7200 HST-D 4WD, Wheels and tires

    Not 500-10's when it's 4 wheel drive in my experience. If you know for certain it had either 600-12's or 6-12's in R1 tread and trust me those 2 sizes I just listed are NOT the same size as the 600-12 is a bigger tire in rolling circumference. Al
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    Valve stem, in or out ?

    As long as you can check and maintain proper air pressure alright if I were you I wouldn't change them. Having the valves on the outside leaves them more vulnerable to getting caught on something that could break them off. Most industrial application wheels have pipe nipples welded to the rim...
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    BX25D rim failure

    Did you happen to notice that the wheel disk center was made of 2 layers and very rusty between them? Usually when wheel centers break around the lug bolts it's because the wheel was loose or not properly torqued all the way equally and the "flexing" that that condition allows cause stress...
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    Valve stem, in or out ?

    In order to have the valves outside you'll have to switch side putting the left side tire on the right and the right side tire on the left making sure to keep the tread lugs ( bars ) pointing in the right direction. R1 ag lug tires are directional so if you simply took the rim to wheel flange...
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    Do all four tires have to match?

    I'm with Wolfman getting VERY spammy in the forum with sales adds :mad To address your question whether or not you can mix and match treads, yes you can just as Wolfman and many others AS LONG AS YOU MAINTAIN THE SAME ROLLING CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE ORIGINAL TIRES so the gear ratio front to rear...
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    Replacing Front Tires Only?

    It's the "nature of the beast" so to speak on mechanical front wheel drive tractors to wear out 3-4 fronts versus the rears. Usually the rears get little wear as you've indicated and replacing both front tires now should not be any problem because the rears aren't showing significant wear. I...
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    Pool noodle.

    I feel your pain too, my wife thinks her vehicle should be in the garage so she doesn't have to deal with the snow and cold. It got even worse when I made the garage over double the size so bad she actually demanded space to park. :D Al
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    Where to place jack on rear of B7800

    Keith, I'd block the front wheels in front and in back, then jack up the tractor by using the center section of the rear end ( assuming you have a floor jack on wheels ) and put your jack stands under the rear axle as far out on the axle housing as you can for the most stability the same as you...
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    L275 and l3800 wheel sizes

    Rotndog, the wheels on the L series have a different bolt pattern and offset so no the will not fit. The tires will fit on your wheels perfectly and the only difference between a 7-16 and 7.2-16 is 2/10ths of an inch in width which will not bother a single thing. If memory serves me correctly on...
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    New Tire Decision...Multi Trac or Wide Bar?

    KP, since you can only die once don't worry about your wife bumping you off as I assume you're useful to her in other ways proving food roof over her head and probably keep your home and yard from looking like a dump. If she likes to have a nice yard simply explain it to her that the lug tires...
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    7/12 tire on 7" rim

    Rooster, I need to remind you about keeping the "correct" size in rolling circumference when changing tire sizes. Just because the "book" says a tractor can come with a certain size tire simply doesn't make it "so". Most of the time when you go from one size to another listed BOTH front and rear...
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    7/12 tire on 7" rim

    As long as it's not 4 wheel drive and you can get the beads seated it will "fit" but it won't be the right fit and won't last very long because it will start cracking prematurely at the bead. It's a simple matter of stretching it to far and like what was mentioned have to play with the air...
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    Goodyear Dyna Torque II R-1

    Actually they are the ONLY tire that's made that will work in 7-12 size. All other brands will not match the rolling circumference, usually to large. That's a very fair retail price for the tire to pay as I just got some for my wholesale business to have around and know they're not cheap. Al
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    Rims for B6200

    Check with Kubota dealer and see if they have something available thru their "whole goods" parts line. Al
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    Carlisle farm specialist R1

    Deuce, great tires made right here in the good old USA on top of being excellent high quality tires. They're price really right considerably less than most major brands and are sized to match the OE sizes most tractors come with. That's very important as I've seen others such as the BKT brand...