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  1. 85Hokie

    Injector torque specs. for L1501DT

    Your L1501 is almost the exact same as the L185 The workshop manual can be found here: go to page 26
  2. 85Hokie

    BX 2380 Wheel Spacers and 54" MMM

    You should be able to place 1 1/2" on them without problem.
  3. 85Hokie

    Weed killer that won’t kill grass

    As mentioned - 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid will do it! Commonly called 2-4-D, can be found in many chemicals - some more expensive than others. Spray - and then wait to see the effects and then spray again to make sure.
  4. 85Hokie

    I needed an oil change

    Shoot - that ride has at least another 1/4 mile left in it ! I mean I cannot see the air in the tire yet!
  5. 85Hokie

    Kabota T1400 lost of power

    Welcome to the forum, Your daughter's Kubota is a gas engine and has a belt driven HST. Is the engine slowing down? Or simply the movement has changed? Have you checked the belt that drives the HST?
  6. 85Hokie

    L2350 Radiator cap

    Never heard of that - but damn good idea!! As long as it is about plus or minus 5 degrees it would be a great idea!
  7. 85Hokie

    Pulled a Dumb One

    Takes a good man to tell all what we do - and I know full well ALL OF US HAVE stories that we could tell! Glad it was just a few stitches - and that finger will heal up just fine. And you are correct on being smarter and not so impulsive. Now what I want to know is this ........... What did...
  8. 85Hokie

    Kubota l2800 no start

    What happened before the no start? Did it cut off without the key being turned? Just one day - no start? If there is any info leading up to this - it may be a great help.
  9. 85Hokie

    L2502 Power

    Gotcha - are you cutting at the rated 540 RPM?
  10. 85Hokie

    L3450DT Questions Service and year

    John, Welcome to the forum! Your tractor was made between 1990-1993 Here is info on other things about the tractor"
  11. 85Hokie

    L2502 Power

    What size cutter you using? What type of "grass" you cutting? and maybe more importantly - What gear are you cutting it in?
  12. 85Hokie

    RCK60P-21z Deck

    If those are touching on the ends - one of two things happened - either a slight bend in the deck , BTDT - or the new blades are a hair too long. As for movement in the center - how much "play" - have them been greased well?
  13. 85Hokie

    Kubota F2880 Help

    See if this helps :
  14. 85Hokie

    2005 BX 23D Fuel Sending Unit Leak

    Look at this diagram and tell us where or between what components the leak occurs
  15. 85Hokie

    Hole in Transmission Case

    Question - not picking on you, but want to know IF you engaged the diffy lock while the rear wheels were spinning?
  16. 85Hokie

    Need repair advice for cracked canopy

    Welcome to the forum!! We are always kind!!! Wink Wink - nod nod! IT would help tremendously if you could post a picture of the crack and how it affects the shade. Also - is it fiberglass? Plastic? or?
  17. 85Hokie

    Daily Chuckle

    I went to an AC!DC concert in '79 - drank a bottle of MAD DOG 20-20 - lets say that I remember LITTLE of that concert!!! And Colt 45, O yeah - how about ol Miller PONIES? - cute little bottles the size of baseballs - you could suck one down and then chuck it at a road sign. SHOOT - I would...
  18. 85Hokie

    L3940 bogging down

    Josh, Welcome to the forum ! Couple of quick questions: What RPM you going up these hill in M and in H? What would you say the grade is going up these hills? On thing you need to understand - the HST pedal is not a "gas" pedal - rather it allows more fluid to pass between the valves. So...
  19. 85Hokie

    ZG227 mower belt - does this look right?

    On all my MMM machines - they look MUCH like that - notice the idler pulley that is moving a bit to keep tension on the belt as the belt goes around the pulleys. I think you are fine!
  20. 85Hokie

    Dedicated to 85Hokie

    Nice story brother - I have met many a student that has told me stories of things that I have said and done in the past - 99% of the time I do not remember them or the situation. I had a couple of students this past year that were my interns - call them teacher aides, they could do anything I...