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  1. BadDog

    B2150 fuel filter replacement.....need help again, thanks.

    It's gravity flow. I just had my tank of fuel "go bad" during a long storage. The bottom of the tank had a 1/4" of "asphaltene" sludge mixed with rust and possible biological growth. Like cold tar. I had already cranked and run it before realizing the problem, and that contaminated the...
  2. BadDog

    B7100 (D750?) oil pressure port

    Yep. I moved on to a B2150. :cool:
  3. BadDog

    B2150D lives again, for 5 minutes...

    Solton in hand. I'll be cleaning out that tank first, gotta get that tarry mess out of there. And hopefully getting it all back in order this weekend. Thanks for the advice.
  4. BadDog

    B2150D lives again, for 5 minutes...

    Thanks, glad to be getting back to be being more active. I'll give it a try. I've got the tank completely empty at the moment, and had thought to go the small step further to remove it completely for cleaning. When you talk about using SOLTRON and it cleaning the whole system, sounds like you...
  5. BadDog

    B2150D lives again, for 5 minutes...

    A few years ago I was posting and learning about a B2150D project tractor for light residential use. Anyway, legs got so bad I quit doing much of anything for a while, then had both knees replaced, and just recently got back to the projects that were let go. I live in Phoenix, so didn't think...
  6. BadDog

    B670 Backhoe Buckets Revisited

    You must have really modified your soil if you can use a bucket that big on that hoe in valley soil. But sorry, no help here. The guy I got my (pending project) from said he had a wide bucket for it somewhere, and would contact me when he found it (yeah, right). So far, no news.
  7. BadDog

    Clutch Issues

    Yeah, I tried to get mine rebuilt. But in the end they claimed they couldn't rebuilt that type of clutch, so I had to pony up and wait for a shipment.
  8. BadDog

    Clutch Issues

    I don't know about his tractor, but I recently replaced my 2 stage clutch in a smaller B2150 and it cost me nearly over $700 in parts alone. Admittedly the work to do it was more grunt than difficult, but parts cost on some of these tractors is a killer. It's also a pill to adjust.
  9. BadDog

    Machinists, Toolmakers- Ball Turning attachment?

    I first saw the pillbox style on Bedair's site long ago when I had a Griz G4000 (9x19) and was trying to sort out both the marginal (at best) lathe along with my total lack of skill. I started construction but never finished it. Like you, I upgraded, but my upgrade was a Rockwell 11x37...
  10. BadDog

    Please be objective, please

    That will do it.
  11. BadDog

    Tractor garages or pole barns...?

    Best idea, how about 2 high 40's separated by 30' and spanned by trusses and a steel roof...
  12. BadDog

    Pat's Easy change vs Titan

    That's what welders are for. :cool: I was going to get a HF quick hitch for mine, but the lift capacity is already borderline questionable forcing the sale of an appropriate scale high quality Gannon landscaping box because it was just too heavy. I may yet get one if a HF sale coincides with my...
  13. BadDog

    Show us your Shop and Equipment

    Yeah, I'm familiar, and I was surprised to see the small hole on the back of the spindle in one of the earlier pics. In fact, I've never seen one with a small hole before. Some sort of ultra duty version or something? The wall on that spindle must be 2" thick (everywhere except the back)...
  14. BadDog

    Show us your Shop and Equipment

    Very nice machines! And a HUGE congrats on the Lehmann, that thing is a beast! I would love to have big lathe like that to leave setup just as you have it, including what looks to be a big oil field 4 jaw.
  15. BadDog

    help: convert 220v 3prong plug too two 110v outlets?

    Thanks, that all makes sense and meshes with what I think I know. I was just up there this evening since my earlier posts. Man, trying to figure out what they've done in the past with several minor "remodels" over the years. Cut beams (not badly done that I've seen), wires run all sorts of...
  16. BadDog

    Show us your Shop and Equipment

    Yeah, I've heard that (in one form or another) before too. A painful truth no doubt. Sad to say it seems I've buried more than my share, with the rate increasing. And sincere thanks for the recommendation. But based on the titles I doubt they are right for me. My family provides a lot of...
  17. BadDog

    Show us your Shop and Equipment

    Aint that the truth! But then if we had commercial shops making decent bank we could all have a lot more toys and room. I have a rule for my shop that helps keep me from going too far. Normally, I don't take pay work. But when I get a new machine, I do force myself to make it pay for itself...
  18. BadDog

    Show us your Shop and Equipment

    Love the garage! And I did I see the floor project on Garage Journal? Looks familiar. But my favorite part is the pinups. :o I've got a few old school antique-ish looking plaques with Betty Page pinups (gift from my wife), and some "dad's shop" plaques from my kids, but that's it.
  19. BadDog

    Show us your Shop and Equipment

    I had a big portion of what I had now in my previous shop, which was a 1 car detached garage, about 6' wider than normal minimum 1 car providing a space for workbench, that was sacrificed when I got the big 5k lb lathe, which was set in place manually using skates. Everything was fit together...
  20. BadDog

    Show us your Shop and Equipment

    Like everything else, figure out as I go. My fabrication background goes back to growing up in a family filled with boilermakers and marine/nuclear pipefitters. I also worked in an extrusion machine shop as a "design engineer" (basically just a draftsman designing dies), but that was just as a...