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    When is additional weight too much weight?

    Yes Kubota says loaded tires are a no no on the BX23S backhoe model, but the 2380 has no backhoe! Not sure if this guy has weight on the 3 point but if no then why not wheel weights? Not that those two weights amount to much I would say he doesnt have enough weight on the rear of that machine...
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    I had the same issue with my BX23S. everything worked fine except for the bucket lift. Turned out to be a bad hydraulic coupling on the hydraulic quick connect, but that was around 700 hours on the tractor.
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    Soooo Booored !!

    Get yourself a high energy terrier mix dog like mine and believe me you wont be bored!
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    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

    Nothing wrong with having a tractor that actually gets used!
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Cleaned a foot of snow sitting comfortably in the BX23S with my original tractor cab and heat! I had to strip down to the t-shirt! :D
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    Lift cap question

    Yes sir I did RTFM! Many dont and the sales people trying to sell you this stuff wont tell you! Maybe you didnt catch onto that I wrote , "You need to do your homework!" I knew Id ruffle some feathers with that one! LOL!
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    Lift cap question

    Their lift capacity no one tells you about. You may want a set thinking your going to be able to do a certain task and then you cant and are let down. Just because your tractor (No not you fried) is rated to lift X amount doesnt mean thats what you can lift with forks, You need to do your...
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    Lift cap question

    Good ol pallet forks. One of the biggest scams in the implement business!
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    Do you buy yourself a Christmas present!

    I got myself new Abu Garcia 5600C4 and 6600C4 bait casting reels and an Ugly Stick Striper rod! I cant wait for April to come!
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    New tractor with 37 hours *updated*

    Thats just twisted.
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    Land Pride 48 inch snow pusher ?

    I never could understand these snow pushers? Isnt my 48" bucket already a snow pusher? :D
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    BH77 adding hydraulic thumb project.....Soup to nuts.

    Stacking stones for a stone wall with a BH on a tractor! A couple here and there isnt too bad but, if you have many stones to stack you will find yourself working a very slow tedious aggravating pace. Think about this! Even if you piled the rocks within reach of the BH after two or three you...
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    Paralysis by Analysis, and the sinking of the USS Good Idea.........

    "So I need to get an idea of the angle the step will have to be at so it is more or less"flat" when the arm is on level ground. I know that will change depending on the height of the outrigger, but I'm ok with that if the step is large enough" Have the step swivel just like the outrigger pad so...
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    Paralysis by Analysis, and the sinking of the USS Good Idea.........

    I have a couple hundred BH hours on my tractor, I dont see how you could damage those hoses? I do know a guy who is bored with a few beers a welder, torches and plazma cutter can be a dangerous combination! LOL! Now with that said a nice size step on the outrigger would be nice. You could stand...
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    Land Pride 48 inch snow pusher ?

    Those bolts will come right out!
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    Awesome dogs / Crazy pets Thread

    I just found out Geddy from Rush is not his real name. His name is Gary but his mom had such a thick accent it sounded like Geddy. And so it stuck! NO! Dont call your dog Gary!
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    Tractor out lasted the carhart

    I just bought a new Carhartt at TSS. It looks more like a jacket you wear to go somewhere nice, but thats why I bought it, $100! I have several others for work and play I do like Carhartt!
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    RV Anti-Freeze as Windshield Washer Fluid?

    Northwoodslife that was one short motorcycle ride!
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    Tractor out lasted the carhart

    Is that from Carhartt's John Fetterman line? :cool: