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  1. 007kubotaguy

    Fixing hole in side of block

    I would not use anything but a genuine Kubota head gasket.
  2. 007kubotaguy

    Removing PTO driveline from old rotary cutter

    Show us the other side of the pin. It looks like a shear pin to me. It may be broken. It is in the center of the shaft. I don't believe it's a quick disconnect. I believe your shaft is round and not splined. If so you may have a snap ring on the end of the shaft as well.
  3. 007kubotaguy

    L245DT seal leaking but No parts available - what to do?

    I would not think number six is your problem. I would say number 19 in my picture is your issue. Pinion seal. Part number 09500-35528.
  4. 007kubotaguy

    B8200 (D950) timing issue

    Your engine was in time. It takes many revolutions to get the marks to line back up. The best thing you can do at this point is just remove the center idler and line all the marks up and put it back together. You will be good to go. If you have not removed any of the gears leave it alone...
  5. 007kubotaguy

    L3600 Air Cleaner Assembly

    I buy the air cleaner housings on Amazon. They have many of the original equipment Donaldson housing.
  6. 007kubotaguy

    Kubota's new West Coast distribution center.

    Why are you surprised. LOL. Not everybody in California is a whack job. The Central valley is completely different than the large cities. A lot of good hard-working people.
  7. 007kubotaguy

    Kubota's new West Coast distribution center.

    This is kubota's new West Coast distribution center. Located in Elk Grove California. They just built this and moved from Lodi california.
  8. 007kubotaguy

    Best dealership in northern cali to buy from?

    Doll Tractor in Rio Vista. Small family run dealership. Talk to Tony. I have always found their prices hard to beat. You may also try Garton Tractor in Stockton as they just became the Kubota dealer as of May 1st. They may be hungry. Talk to Guy Thompson. Good luck
  9. 007kubotaguy

    L2350DT Hydraulic Problem 3-PT Shakes

    The bolts that hold the plate are shouldered. The plate will have a slight amount of movement in it. I have a good used valve if you need one.
  10. 007kubotaguy

    L3130 Losing power going up hills after Fuel Filter Change

    Could be the lift pump is going out.
  11. 007kubotaguy

    L3130 Losing power going up hills after Fuel Filter Change

    Did the small bleeder valve by the injection pump get left open? Tractor will run fine until it needs more fuel.
  12. 007kubotaguy

    This wheel won't stay tight

    Just need flat washers under the nuts problem solved
  13. 007kubotaguy

    Hello. You can reach me at 209-712-4066. I am in central california. Thank you Lance Newhall

    Hello. You can reach me at 209-712-4066. I am in central california. Thank you Lance Newhall
  14. 007kubotaguy

    L175 rusty wheel

    I have wheels from a L225. I think they are the same. What size tire do you have? Is it four wheel drive?
  15. 007kubotaguy

    L275 clutch adjustment question - dual disk

    The 12 mm head bolt you refer to is a drain. I think if you remove it you will probably find it goes through to the clutch housing but is probably full of garbage. When these tractors were new we took the plugs out so that housing would drain.
  16. 007kubotaguy

    Tractor won't start after bleeding fuel L3130

    Many times these tractors will run just fine with a bad fuel pump. If the tank is kept relatively full it will gravity feed to the injection pump. I have found many tractors that ran fine until I change the fuel filter. Then I could not believe them because the lift pump was not working. You...
  17. 007kubotaguy

    New canopy design

    Here is a OSHA approved canopy.
  18. 007kubotaguy

    ROPS for L285

    Check with your local dealer. Kubota has had a program on and off to supply roll bars for the older tractors. Their prices have been relatively reasonable.
  19. 007kubotaguy

    B7100 Water (?) in Hydraulic Fluid

    Are you storing it outside . Check the shift lever boot for cracks.