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  1. L4740

    BX 2751 and BX2750D snow blower

    If I remember right the front lift uses the yellow and white ports on your loader valve. Plug one into each, then try it. It should lift when the joystick is pulled back and it should move down when the joystick is pushed forward. If it operates opposite of that, just swap the hoses. Then...
  2. L4740

    Bx1500 fuel low gauge cover

    Here's a picture. I don't see a plastic cover over it. I have not personally serviced the gauges on my BX1500 but I have replaced one on my RTV. Access was from underneath. The whole gauge assemble pops out of the dash after compressing some retaining collars on the back of the gauge. On a...
  3. L4740

    Still trying to locate other T1770 Owners

    I just ordered a set of blades for my T1770 from my Kubota dealer. They came as a kit with three blades. Here's the part number: K5141-97520.
  4. L4740

    Wallenstein BX62 Chipper

    SE MN. Like new Wallenstein BX62 chipper. Paint isn't even worn off the chute. It is listed for sale on CL in Rochester MN if you would like more info. Or contact me. I will be more than happy to tell you anything about it. Price is $3000 cash. Thanks for your interest.
  5. L4740

    L200 Drawbar question

    The L200 was the predecessor to the L210. This is the hitch and draw bar from the L210 I use to have. It has a weird pin. The top is bigger around than the rest of it. The top hole on the hitch is bigger than the lower hole and the hole in the draw bar. It is a different design than I had...
  6. L4740

    COVID-19 Stuff

    I remember after 9/11, I saw more flags being flown then on the 4th of July. I'm just putting this out here. We are again under attack by a enemy we cannot see and is more deadly. I urge everyone to fly the flag and spread the word to all social media's. Fly your flag. We need to be united...
  7. L4740

    Hot rods, Rat Rods, Customs, Mud Runners, Etc.

    I guess this would be in the etc category since it is not hot or rat or mud. But it is original. And no matter where me and the misses go, it is a good conversation starter. 1976 Lincoln Town Car, 460 ci, 4 barrel. I get a kick when anyone under 30 years old have no idea what it is, and...
  8. L4740

    Kubota ZD3064 Boot - SE MN

    SOLD - This is a Kubota mower deck boot used for the Kubota bagging system available for certain model BX tractors. It can also be used on other bagging systems. I used it on a Cyclone Rake. It is designed for an 8" tube. But it can only be used on the Kubota RCK60B-22BX. That 60" mower deck...
  9. L4740

    BX23SLSB-R with wood chipper?

    Check out Wallenstein. I ran a bx42 (no longer made) for years behind my BX23 before I upgraded to a BX62 for my larger tractor. They are very well built, and easy to maintain. No belts or pulleys to deal with. And don't bother with the hydraulic feed. I have never felt I needed it. If you...
  10. L4740

    Tires for Kubota L210

    If memory serves me correctly, I believe the L210 was made in '72 and '73. The early version had a few carry overs from it's predecessor the L200. One thing in particular was the early versions still had a cartridge style oil filter. Seen in picture below. It is the horizontal tube shaped...
  11. L4740

    Tires for Kubota L210

    FWIW Your front rims are on backwards or inside out. However you say it. The front wheel weights go on the inside and the valve stem should be on the outside. Not sure if you can see it very clearly in this picture or not.
  12. L4740

    Longer 3pt hitch lever?

    On my L4740 I wanted to make the three remote levers different lengths. When I am facing backwards operating my stump grinder, it was awkward to run the sweep and the elevation control when they were the same length. I was able to remove the knobs and slide a piece of 1/2" pvc pipe over each...
  13. L4740

    BX25d seat bolt broke!

    If you are talking about the seat pivot bolt then what I have found to work is not to turn your seat clockwise all the time since the bolt keeps getting tighter and tighter and will eventually break. And don't over tighten the bolt when you first install it. When I reverse my seat I turn it...
  14. L4740

    Kubota Improved Grill Guard Protection?

    Ron L4760 to answer your question, I guess I just got lucky. I got the dog kennel for free at the end of someone's driveway. It was one of those plastic ones with this nice mesh door in it. All I had to do is to make one small bend it it to make it conform to the original guard. It has...
  15. L4740

    used bx25

    I too look at it from a different angle. A new BX23S is around 21K. A lightly used BX25 for 15K...I say anyone seriously looking at a new one just saved 6K. I have a BX23 with just over 400 hrs. on it and wouldn't sell it for 10K. It's not what you paid for it 10 years's what a...
  16. L4740

    Kubota Improved Grill Guard Protection?

    I know other folks have simply welded a piece of expanded metal onto the grill guard like the picture below. I took an easier way out and simple zip tied a door off a large dog kennel onto the grill guard. I didn't know how long it would last, but it's been there many years. It has a few...
  17. L4740

    Landscape Rake + BX25

    I have never tried to turn mine around backwards since I have the gauge wheels on mine. I guess you could reverse it before you hook it to the tractor.
  18. L4740

    Landscape Rake + BX25

    My BX23 handles the 5' just fine. No problems. Would it handle a 6'? Probably for most applications, but I have had no reason to ever wish I had a wider one. At full angle it still covers my tracks. For me, that's all that matters. Plus I am able to get into areas I couldn't with a 6'.
  19. L4740

    Landscape Rake + BX25

    One thing about a landscape rake, you can always remove 2 or 3 tines on each end to make it narrower if you have too!
  20. L4740

    Landscape Rake + BX25

    I run a Woods 5' with gauge wheels on my BX23. This is the model for a sub compact, not a full size one. I have been very pleased with it. Not sure if they make them any longer or not.