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    L48 Bucket controls

    Just to it that the joystick won't go into the float position or that when it is in the float position, the bucket won't float? What does the bucket do in the float position? Leak down? Power down? Just sit there? Is this a recent happening? Did it work normally before? Has any...
  2. GWD

    New keepers for shanks on box blade

    At $5 each, one would think that they could be fabbed up at far less cost. Some bar stock and a torch for bending (since the hole doesn't seem to have a purpose). Or a hack saw (plasma cutter) and a welder for something a bit fancier. OTOH, $26 for a one time expense isn't too bad -...
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    bx2200 3point doesnt work,real slow

    Re: L5030. Slow 3 point The valve under the seat is for lowering the 3PH. It is so you implement doesn't crash when it descends. My understanding is that it does not affect the lift. Try this: Lift the lower arms by hand with the tractor off. They should lift fairly easily. That would...
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    Hydraulic Top Link for Box Blades. Good idea?

    If you can get a hydraulic top link set up for $200 or a bit more for hoses then RUN, not walk, to get it done. You will have to decide the length of the top link based on how the box blade sits relative to your tractor. Too long or too short can cause adjustment problems. Not too long, not too...
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    M7040 hydraulic system

    Yes, Tx Jim is correct. That is your best access to the complete hydraulic system. If you are going to change the fluid, be sure to read the manual and remove all of the drain plugs. IIRC, there are three.
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    World Ag Expo - Tulare, California

    Agree about the hotels. Had to book in Madera last time we went. Great show to go to at least once. Lots of million dollar plus equipment to buy (or look at in my case). Some of it is pretty incredible, unique, and inventive. After going a few years in a row, things started to look the same...
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    Top & Tilt for BX

    Good knowledge. Maybe this thread will help:
  8. GWD

    Top & Tilt for BX

    Be sure to let us know how it all turned out. Personally, I might try to swing a T&T for my BX2200. Especially since you are going to do all the hard research!! ;)
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    Bucket Float

    The "stay in float" is my experience as well on all the tractors I've owned. With that few hours on it, there should be a warranty issue to be addressed. It may be as simple as an adjustment. But whatever it is, the dealer should handle it.
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    Top & Tilt for BX

    I think the problem with fitting a T & T on a BX is the two required remote valves. The FitRite site doesn't list a kit for a BX. Doesn't hurt to ask them however. If FitRite can't do it, it likely can't be done.
  11. GWD

    Top & Tilt for BX

    I've not seen a T&T for a BX. But that doesn't mean it may not exist. The B-series kit is the smallest available at most places. The hydraulic pump on a BX is a bit small and, as you mention, there doesn't appear to be a place to mount the remotes. Your best bet might be to phone or email a...
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    mx5100 hst hydraulic filter change

    Did the filter have a circular magnet in the mouth? If so, did you take out the old one before putting in the new one (if a magnet was included with the new filter)? Silly question but it is worth checking. Not sure about your model, but my M7040 works like that. I think the HSTs are similar...
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    Which jack, jack stands for a BX18?

    I'd agree about the HF tools and equipment that might cause injury, and lawsuits, if they failed. A jack, air compressor tanks, and jack stands, are examples of tort creators. So they are careful in those areas. The other stuff at HF is hit or miss.
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    Which jack, jack stands for a BX18?

    I have a couple of 3-ton floor jacks (as well as several others) and four 3-ton jack stands. Sometimes you need them all to get enough wheels off the ground -depending on the job. I also have a 16-ton bottle jack. Not good for much other than spreading things apart. It is way too unsteady as...
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    5140 Hydraulic Filter

    Just for future reference, here is a list of commonly used parts for a M5140DT from Messick's Tractor. It appears that you have the correct hydraulic filter tracked down. Edit: You can also get the parts diagrams for your tractor by clicking on the components...
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    BX2200 won't start

    Thanks for reporting back. Wish more people would do that.
  17. GWD

    Fuel filter mod

    Did the OEM fail for some reason? Why do you conclude that a new/different one is necessary? Just curious.:o
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    Foggy Sight Glass?

    Actually, it looks just fine. Leave it alone and go about enjoying the tractor.
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    BX2200 won't start

    The starting issues on my BX2200 were greatly improved by running a longer cable from the negative post to ground on a bolt on the engine (the engine lifting bolt bracket near the valve cover). You can check if this is the problem by running a jumper cable from the battery negative to a bare...
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    hogs, hogs and more hogs.

    You are correct. It was a 120 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip boattail. And mine was a Remington BDL as well. Did you ever get the Remington trigger recall done? I haven't yet. The "0" is too close to the "9" with my ham hands.