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  1. hodge

    Anyone remember the Canadian guy who manufactured bolt on accessories for BX s?

    Paul Short is another Canadian making accessories.;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1718824417/RO=10/
  2. hodge

    What is the perfect tractor for you, if you could have any tractor you wanted, and why?

    It's conversation. It's opportunity to get to know each other better.
  3. hodge

    What is the perfect tractor for you, if you could have any tractor you wanted, and why?

    i would want a John Deere 4005. The next model up from my 790. It would be about ideal for my needs.
  4. hodge

    Used tractor price negotiation

    Negotiation would be dealer-specific, and not a rule of thumb thing. Do your homework so that when you hone in on a tractor/tractors, you already know what they are typically selling for. Study Tractorhouse, both selling and sold/auction prices, along with Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist...
  5. hodge

    Brush Hogging without 3 pt position control

    The B7500 does not have position control.
  6. hodge

    Notice to BX owners about Stabilizer Arms

    Made in China, been around for a while.
  7. hodge

    L3301 3 point hitch parts

    They'll be the same as an L2502 and an L3902, so go to the dealership and measure one of those.
  8. hodge

    Anyone see this casting break?

    I think that you are right, Dan. It looks like the lift cylinder casting, and it would most likely be fractured by internal pressure. This didn't happen by leaving the mower up while going to get a drink. Ulu, sorry this happened to you. Despite the reason for coming here, welcome to the forum!
  9. hodge

    Stabilizer of Kubota 2660

    Stabilizers, whether turnbuckle (which is what you have) or telescoping, is there to keep the implement from swaying side to side. The proper use is to install the implement, raise it off of the ground, position it where you want it, then adjust the stabilizers until there is very little (1/2"...
  10. hodge

    Loader arms faded...will warranty cover this?

    The only tractor manufacturer that I'm aware of that does powdercoating is TYM, and that's just on the sheet metal.
  11. hodge

    Belt spring tensioner wearing into mower deck

    Welcome to the forum! You need to determine why the pulley is moving down to the point of contact. Fix why it is out of position, instead of trying to place something underneath to slow the wear. Fix it right, or it will get worse no matter what you do to try and protect the deck shell.
  12. hodge

    Bent loader on BX

    Bri-Guy- out of curiosity, have you increased the lift capacity of the loader?
  13. hodge

    Loader arms faded...will warranty cover this?

    There's a decent-sized Kubota dealer near me. Over the years, I've seen many new tractors, which had sat on the lot for a while, with faded paint.
  14. hodge

    Loader arms faded...will warranty cover this?

    Go over it with some rubbing compound and cut the oxidation off. UV light is hard on orange paint, and if you are leaving it outside, this is the result. I'd be very surprised if they would cover it. I bought a Woods finish mower, in Kubota orange, for a song because it had faded so bad it was...
  15. hodge

    Transmission Case cracked on B2301 tractor

    Have you increased the hydraulic pressure?
  16. hodge

    WTB backhoe for B7100

    Welcome from VA!
  17. hodge

    Broken casting on BH 77 excavator

    Welcome to the forum! You were doing loader work over rough ground, by your description, for about 8 hours. With the pin in place, there would be a significant amount of leverage on that pin and the casting. From the looks of it, it's not a casting defect, but a failure due to overload. As...
  18. hodge

    Are my expectations too high?

    Hey, Chris. I'm across the mountain from you, in Augusta County. If you haven't already, check with Beverage Tractor in Stuarts Draft or Green Hill Equipment in Staunton.