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    B3200 mower and loader

    Does anyone have a B3200 with a mmm and loader installed? If so would you post or send me pictures of the mounts. My neighbor just bought a loader for his I was thinking the loader frame would have the mower brackets made on it, not sure if you use the current mower brackets on top of the loader...
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    Ssqa question

    Does the 504 on a B3200 use the same quick attach as the 524 on the L3800
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    B3200HSD block off plate wanted

    Looking for 6C040-36620 block off play which would be removed when a loader is installed. Tractor currently has a single rear remote and we would like to remove it. Thanks
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    B3200 MMM brackets

    Looking for a complete set of brackets to mount a RCK60-27A(B) MMM on a B3200. Also a drive shaft Thanks
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    B3200 MMM Question

    My neighbor has a B3200 and just bought a RCK60-27 mower. I was checking to see if anyone knows if a mounting kit is available or if you have to buy each piece separate. He only has the mower deck. Thanks
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    Tire Price?

    Found 4 R1 Tires and wheels for L series. The guy is asking 1,000 for them tread looks good I have no idea what new price is. What do you'll think?
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    B7100 thoughts

    Found a B7100 hydro 4x4 with 800 hrs. Thinking about it to run a finish mower. Any thoughts greatly appreciated
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    BH77 Broken pin

    Any one remember the recall on the BH77 main boom and dipper stick pin breaking? I am asking because a friend has a BH77 on a L3800 and broke the pin. I think his serial # is prior to the update. Thanks for any help.
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    Anyone have a B3200? My neighbor has found one just over 100hrs. He has been looking at the B2601. The b3200 has more hp and does not have the computer. I have zero dealings with the B series so thanks for any input.
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    UDT or Super UDT2?

    I was thinking the UDT was no longer available (according to a local dealer) however I see Messicks has it listed. I am was curious what the opinions are on the two. I am getting close to the hour mark on the L3700SU. Was told when I bought it new it had UDT. When the I added the back hoe the...
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    BH 77 Pin breaking

    Has any one had any trouble with the pin that attaches the main boom and dipper stick boom cylinders breaking? Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Wheel spacers

    I was looking around and found front wheel spacers. Question is what is the difference in turning the wheels around and front wheel spacers? The manufacture says NOT to turn the wheel around it will cause premature bearing failure. Thanks for thoughts.
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    BH 77 Fit-Work on L3700SU

    Will the BH77 work on the L3400-L3700 tractors? It is currently on a L3800.
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    Dual Wheels???

    Been reading post on R1 vs R4. Has anybody tried dual rear tires? I have them on dads old 8n R1 that is 11.2x28. With 400-500 lbs on the rear lift it will go where you can't hardly walk.
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    BH 77 Question

    What do you'll think of the Kubota BH77 backhoe? I currently have a Woods BH7500 and am considering selling it since I found a Kubota one for sale. Thanks
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    (SOLD) Woods BH 7500 and sub frame

    Backhoe, sub frame and hose kit for L2800-L3901 currently on a L3700SU. ALL cylinder rebuilt with less than 5 hours on them. Asking 4800. Located in NC 28377.
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    1300 sicle mower

    Does anyone have any experience with a Case IH 1300 sickle mower? Thanks for all thoughts.
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    450 sickle

    Has any one have experience with a New Holland 450 sickle mower? Any thoughts appreciated.
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    501 or 515 sickel?

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these mowers? All input is greatly appreciated. Wanting to mow weeds in a open area with it and a 8n. Thanks
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    Right fender handle

    I have read where several of you'll have the right side fender handle on you L3200 & 3800s does anyone know the part number? Also is there one available for the L3400-3700 series tractors? Thanks