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  1. edritchey

    Landpride Posthole Digger PD15

    Landpride posthole digger model PD-15 with 9" auger and just replaced the point and blades so it's ready to dig. This auger is in very nice condition it was used very little. I'll take $400 for it and can load it onto you truck or trailer here in Wellsville, PA
  2. edritchey

    Land Pride BB2584 Box Scraper

    New never used Land Pride model BB2584 84" Box Scraper Blade. 1000 cash in the Wellsville PA area.
  3. edritchey

    Woods Landscape Rake

    Woods LSR96P Landscape rake in like new condition with extra tines and comes with gauge wheels and kick stand. $750 cash in the Wellsville PA area
  4. edritchey

    Woods Snowblower

    Anyone else using a Woods 3pt snowblower? If so which one are you running and how do you like it? I picked up a SB74C with hydraulic shute and deflector cylinders. It looks like it will be nice but I haven't used a rear snowblower before.
  5. edritchey

    Land Pride 3PT post hole digger

    I have a like new Land Pride model PD15 for sale in the Dillsburg PA area includes a 9" auger. $700
  6. edritchey

    R1 Tires & Wheels Complete set for MX series

    Like the title says I have a complete set of R1 tires on wheels for the MX5800 and I'm sure they will fit the other MX series tractors also. These are a little dirty but are like new with less than 20 hours on them. The rear tires are filled with methanol. Rear - 14.9x26 Front - 9.5x16...
  7. edritchey

    FS: Turf Tires and Wheels for L3301/L3901

    Like the title says I have a complete set of turf tires and wheels for a Kubota L01 series tractor these came off of a L3301 but should fit the L3901 as well. The rear tires are filled. About 200hrs total on this set of tires. These are for sale in the York PA area $1000 OBO for like new tires...
  8. edritchey


    Anyone else using a V-Plow setup for snow? I have a Virnig SBV-96 and love it. Who else is using a V-Plow for snow on their Kubota?
  9. edritchey

    6' Land Pride Box Scarper

    6' Land Pride Box Scraper I have a real nice Land Pride Box Scraper for sale model BB1272 6 foot I bought it last spring so it;s in almost like new condition I used it very little. $750 or best offer cash in The Dillsburg area. I can load it onto a trailer. I'm not looking to ship it.
  10. edritchey

    6' Land Pride Bushhog

    6' Land Pride Bushhog RCR1272 Like new Land Pride 6 foot bushhog rotary cutter RCR1272 - I bought this last spring and used it very little it's like new. $1250 cash or best offer. Not looking to ship so it will need picked up in the Dillsburg, PA area. I can load it onto a trailer. Quick...
  11. edritchey

    MX Series rear remotes

    Anyone else get the rear remotes on their MX series tractor? I think the remotes were some of the best options you can add to your tractor. I use mine all the time when my backhoe is off the tractor.
  12. edritchey

    LandPlane GS2584

    I'm going to have to take one of the backhoes off to put my new driveway tool on LOL :)
  13. edritchey

    Sunshade Canopy

    Anyone else use a canopy on their tractor's roll bar to keep the sun off them. I bought one for the tractor I use around the house and it seems to work pretty nice. I went with a Sunshade canopy instead of the Kubota model because it was several hundred dollars cheaper and I didn't know if I...
  14. edritchey

    (SOLD) Woods L59 MMM

    I pulled this off of my Kubota B8200 its in good usable condition and I have some extra parts for it. I will include all the mounting brackets that attached it to my tractor and the original Woods owners manual. Note: This runs from a belt off of the rear PTO all parts are included to make it...
  15. edritchey

    WTB: B8200 PTO Cover

    Like the title says I'm looking for a PTO cover for my B8200.
  16. edritchey

    FS: Landpride QH15

    I have a new never used Landpride quick hitch model QH15 for sale. I got this for a Kubota L3901 I had for a very short period of time and when I traded the tractor back in I kept the quick hitch. I don't see myself ever using it so it's up for grabs $250 cash takes it. This is for local sale...
  17. edritchey

    Cub cadet super garden tractor 2182

    I have a nice Cub Cadet model 2182 it has a 21hp Kubota engine with low hours and works perfectly. I’ll take $1000 cash for it. I’m located in Wellsville PA. It will come with a 50” mower deck and a 48” snowblower both are hydraulic lift. It will also include tire chains, wheel weights and a...
  18. edritchey

    PA Deer season

    Well Deer season opens in our neck of the woods tomorrow. I've been watching them walking around the property all day but they are calling for rain pretty much all day tomorrow so the Deer will most likely stay bedded down. I have the Remmy 760 30-06 ready but it won't surprise me if I don't...
  19. edritchey

    Diverter valve

    Anyone else using a diverted valve to operate their TNT? I have the factory TNT setup on my tractor and to eliminate the need to use up two sets of rear remotes I installed a Summit Hydraulics Hydraulic Multiplier Kit so I could operate my TNT with only one of the factory remotes instead of...
  20. edritchey

    toothbar for 66" bucket

    Toothbar no longer available I have a like new condition ATI brand toothbar made for a 66" bucket it is the model that has replaceable pin on teeth. $275 cash OBO for local sale only I'm not interested in shipping this one. Dillsburg, PA area Please delete this is no longer available.