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    Service Inspect Message

    I need help identifying what the Service Inspect Message is trying to tell me. I have a L3130 while using it, the Service Inspect Light came on and on the display was TR 1700 Service Inspect. I believe the 1700 refers to the hours because I continued using the Tractor and the 1700 increased...
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    Filled Tires

    I filled my rear tires with windshield washer fluid. The manual says to pressure tires to 20 lbs. I am having difficulty checking air pressure, I rotate tire to place valve stem on top check, and water comes out and no air pressure. What is the proper way to check to make sure I have 20 lbs...
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    Filled Tires

    I purchased a used L3130, the rear tires are filled but I can't tell with what. When I used it this past week in cold weather it felt like the liquid was partially frozen. What is the best way to determine what they used?
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    Post Hole Digger

    What is the proper RPM for a Post Hole Digger with a 12" Auger?
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    New to Diesel Engines

    I have a L3130 and never had a Diesel Engine. I am concerned about Fuel Gelling. I don't use the Tractor very often consequently I fill it with Fuel once a year. How can I tell if the fuel has Gelled, when I look at my fuel filter glass bowl there is a white ring on the bottom. Is that a...
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    Tractor Seat

    I have to store my L3130 outside under a tarp. I previously had a International 504 that a Raccoon got under the tarp and chewed the tractor seat such that I had to get it recovered. I don't want this to happen to the Kubota seat. What alternatives are there to keep the seat safe from animals...