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    Trailer or drive it.

    Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. Truck enforcement units will make the scene if a patrol unit request one.
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    Trailer or drive it.

    If you drove it and something happened while using it, how would you get back? Yes, it's a PIA, but just trailer it.
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    BX Tires Sinking

    My neighbor has a pasture that even in the summertime one area is soft and mushy. Come to find out he has an underground spring.
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    Truck / trailer questions

    I used my Toyota Tundra with the 5.7 engine to trailer my green 3005 with a front end loader and 5 ft cutter on an 18 ft trailer. About 6k pull weight. Truck had plenty of power. Rear springs were a little soft though. I added a Hellwig helper leaf to help with the rear sag when loaded...
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    My gutless wonder

    I've got a B2601 with a 54 inch MMM that I use weekly. I couldn't imagine trying to mow in high range. 99% of my mowing is done in medium range. It pulls the mower without issue even at the top speed of 5.5 mph in medium. Have you tried driving a different one at the dealership for...
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    B2601 Treadle Pedal hard to use

    I also removed my switch spring after my Achilles tendon started hurting shortly after buying my tractor. Six months later, no more pain and no ill effects of removing the spring.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I mowed my front yard, (about an acre), and then spread 180 lbs of fertilizer on the grass. Then I went over to my 80 year old neighbor's house and spread 100 lbs of fertilizer on his grass. I hope the weather man is right and we get some rain tonight.
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    Model, Age and operating hours

    2023 B2601. Bought in May primarily for mowing duties. Last year's summer drought wiped out my grass. Currently sitting at 23 hours.
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    Which one would you choose?

    When I was a kid, we mowed a 4 acre property with a 36 inch riding mower. Looking back as an adult, yes it worked, but it was not the best tool for that job. For 31 acres I would be using a cab tractor with 12-15 foot cutter.
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    Which one would you choose?

    Neither one. If I was in the market for a zero turn, I would stick with either Kubota or JD. My last zero turn was a green 915B. In the 5 years I owned it, I was using it about an hour a week and the only thing I had to replace was the battery which cost me about $50.
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    Knee pain from HST?

    On my B2601 it wasn't my knee, but my Achillies tendon. After reading several comments about the reverse pedal being over sprung, I decided to reduce the force needed by removing one of the springs. It made all the difference in the world. My tendon no longer hurts, and the tractor...
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    B2601 54 inch MMM chute blocker

    I appreciate the input. I think after Christmas, I'm going to load my tractor up on the trailer and take it to a local metal fabricator and see what they would charge me to build me a bolt on chute blocker. I will report back along with photos to help anyone else who is thinking about this.
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    B2601 54 inch MMM chute blocker

    It's leaves on the ground season. Since Kubota doesn't offer a mulching kit for the B series MMM, I am considering blocking the discharge chute in an attempt to mulch up the leaves rather than just blow them around the property. Has anyone done this with any success? Or would it be a...
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    B2301 rear bale spear

    Excellent, congratulations. Maybe it's the angle of the photo, but that bale looks as big as the tractor.
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    Mower Deck Bogs Down

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Glad to hear it's fixed.
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    B2301 rear bale spear

    There's a video on YouTube comparing the 2601 to the 2025R. It's put out by Good Works Tractors. In the video, he puts a weight box on the 3pt of the 2601, puts 1500lbs in it and lifts it up. I think you will be able to lift the 1200lbs. Looking forward to hearing your results.
  17. J

    B2301 rear bale spear

    I've got a 2601. The manual says it will lift 1411lbs 24 inches behind the arms. Try it. Worst that will happen is it won't. Just make sure you have some counterweight on the front end. If you do it be sure and post the photo.
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    Looking for a new trailer...

    Congratulations on a nice trailer. Now go get some water sealer and put it on the boards. Especially if it's going to be kept out in the weather.
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    Looking for a new trailer...

    If it were me, I would consider upgrading your 3500lb axles to 5000. If you ever go up in tractor size, (almost everybody does) that trailer is going to be maxed out.
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    Optimum Rpm.

    If you look at the hp/tq curve on a b2601 engine (D1105 series) you will see that between 2650 and 2800 the hp is the same. But the torque is higher at 2650 than 2800. Fuel consumption is less too. I run my engine 2600-2700 rpm when mowing. No complaints from the tractor.