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  1. Bugzilla46310

    Truck / trailer questions

    Traded my bought new 2016 F350 CCSB Lariat with the 6.2 and 4.3 rear end for a 2023 F350 CCLB Lariat with the 7.3 gas engine and 4.3 rear end. Would not go back to the 6.2. Note the 6.2 Ford is about as bulletproof as they are and towed well for the 75,000 miles I had it, but the 7.3 is much...
  2. Bugzilla46310

    This is my 3pt ballast..............

    Sweet welds! Did you weld those!
  3. Bugzilla46310

    Time to upgrade

    I was wondering if the 11 y o radio was still working!
  4. Bugzilla46310

    Converted 30# Cub weights to 50# Kubota weights

    Got the weights for a steel but wanted a little more weight. JB weld and a threaded rod to bond the added weight, bedliner spray on the back and paint the front. Made SS heavy washers and used SS acorn nuts for added bling just because. Mounted on a BX 2680. Also have window antifreeze in all...
  5. Bugzilla46310

    Pallet Forks for a BX

    Bought a clamp on pair from VEVOR. Less than a C note, free delivery and more than adequate for my needs.
  6. Bugzilla46310

    Adapting JD 54” quick attach to BX2680

    Only got to use the blade one time this winter. Results were poor in that it tended to dig in. I feel part of the problem is the aftermarket skid plates that are saucer shaped couldn’t float because of the angle. To level the blade more, the easiest option for me was to add about 2” to the...
  7. Bugzilla46310

    Is it me or is Kubota becoming overpriced???

    Paid $20,000 for a BX2680 June 2022. Quick hitch bucket, 54” deck, turf tires. $23,000 out the door with their high dollar set up fee and taxes. Was going to get the 2380, but the dealer called us and told us the 2680 just got delivered that was ordered before a price hike. It was about the same...
  8. Bugzilla46310

    Lawn tractor mower belts: Kevlar vs standard ?

    Check out V Belt Guys. Been buying belts from them for a while. Been very happy with the quality and pricing. Very quick shipping also.
  9. Bugzilla46310

    Deck Dolly

    The u bolts idea did not work as they would rotate. Had some stainless plate so I made 4 plates and tack welded them to the rods and bolted the casters to the plate. .
  10. Bugzilla46310

    Oil not dirty

    Used to be a Royal Purple fan. They were bought out a few years ago. Then read a good non biased article on several name brands. Mobile 1 and Amsoil were in the top on almost every category. RP was near the bottom on many. I have since moved to Mobile 1 since I lost my source for cheap RP and...
  11. Bugzilla46310

    Went over to the red side.

    And here I thought you got a classic Cub!
  12. Bugzilla46310

    How To Drive On Snow And Ice (1957)

    Impressed with the neat cursive writing. Had a 36 Pontiac with the original owners manual. It was more an instruction manual on how to drive also. Remember my first FWD car in 1989. Was amazed with the ease of winter driving.
  13. Bugzilla46310

    Adapting JD 54” quick attach to BX2680

    Bought 3 hubcaps for a whopping $6. I siliconed in -442 o-rings on the lip that goes into the rim then used my router table to true the o-rings and get a good fit on the rims. Being cheap, I mean frugal, have about $25 in the hubcaps.
  14. Bugzilla46310

    Adapting JD 54” quick attach to BX2680

    Sounds exactly what I did when I had this blade on my simplicity. Blade was on a 425 that I sold when I bought the simplicity. Bought a 425 frame, cut the front off, added spacer blocks and made it an adapter for the blade. Just sold that adapter on Marketplace. With 1/2“ plates, the width was...
  15. Bugzilla46310

    Good front blade idea even if it is green!

    I have a thread on the Fab and Customization section with a few pictures.
  16. Bugzilla46310

    Adapting JD 54” quick attach to BX2680

    Put the blade on. Picture make the top of the blade to appear to be leaning foward more than it looks in person. Looked at several JD pictures and there appears to be a range of this lean. If it plows good I will not worry about it. Looked at a picture of the blade on my now gone Simplicity...
  17. Bugzilla46310

    Snow removal

    But then I get to play with my old 1978 ish 8hp 2 stage simplicity walk behind snowblower. Only needed to do that one time in the 16 years we lived here.
  18. Bugzilla46310

    Snow removal

    This was with my now gone 4WD Simplicity Legacy with a JD54” front blade mounted to the tractor. A lot less tractor than my BX which I have not plowed with yet. About a 1200’ driveway. This was a heavy snow we get every 5 or so years. May be a normal snow for Tomah!
  19. Bugzilla46310

    Good front blade idea even if it is green!

    Was looking for a part number for the JD 425 blade I adapted to my BX and saw this on the JD web page. Kind of a adaption of the Johnny Bucket. I don’t need one but figured someone here may want to make one.
  20. Bugzilla46310

    " Firestarters" for woodstoves ?

    Fat wood works well. Can get it at Menards. Once we start our fireplace, it rarely goes out all winter so we don’t need mech kindling wood.