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    Dropping in

    Just to Wish all You orange tractor owners a (((((( Happy New Year )))))) and Best of Luck to all while we plow our way into the next year!
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    Why do I worry so much about grass?

    Here In nth Ga, folks were cutting 2 weeks ago and had to wait a few days between showers to dry out so's can start their baling, and now hay is very abundant here, The DOT here have no funds for cutting the right-of-way and it has grown 4 ft tall, I know a few people who work for the state DOT...
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    used bush hog, what to look for?

    very good suggestions so far, I would also look at how much lateral movement the blades have on there pivot pins/Bolts....too much can cause bad vibration or the blades may scalp the ground by dropping to low, also would be a bonus if you find one with a stump jumper disc, these help to protect...
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    Don't worry eserv, the time will come one day when you can wing yourself, I quick smoking 30 years ago, cold turkey, but I know this site is a bit more addicting,... Just keep doing what you do and help all others who are here to learn about their tractors, and thanks for all you have helped...
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    B7200D suit case weights

    after installing the FEL on my tractor I found it to be plenty heavy on front, now instead I had to weight down the rear of the tractor, so I keep the Box scrape connected to rear and hook the Suit case weights onto it, fits perfectly over the cross brases ;)
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    Hello Vic, I found a used hydraulic pump for my yanmar from a local, He deliverd the part to be...

    Hello Vic, I found a used hydraulic pump for my yanmar from a local, He deliverd the part to be sure i hook it up correctly so i would not bust another pump,He had me put back the power beyond adaptor and use that 3 rd hose to dump back into the reservoir, I explaned to him I thought could...
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    Hi again Vic, sorry about the bad link, I forgot to mention and you may have forgot i sold my...

    Hi again Vic, sorry about the bad link, I forgot to mention and you may have forgot i sold my L-140 and now have a Yanmar 1700, this is what I'm in need of a pump for, ebay has some under Yanmar hydraulic pumps, Thanks man!
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    Hi Vic, I decide to contact you rather then post up the link to these people I have found on...

    Hi Vic, I decide to contact you rather then post up the link to these people I have found on Ebay with the Hydraulic pump I need, need to have someone who knows "parts" can you take a look at this? and see if it may be a good choise? after all it is 100 bucks less than all others I found...
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    Quality of Parts question

    Hi all, I have found a ( New ) hydraulick pump for my tracktor on Eboy for 100 bucks less than all others I found, I'm concerned about the quality? or if one is as good as the others? I know that now-a-days lots of products/Parts are made by the same manufactures in "CHINA" and distributed out...
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    L185 won't start

    and Glow Plug or Plug's ;) have you glowed them up? before turning over engine,
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    L225 Hydraulic Lift

    did you happen to find out if there are cross parts that can be used? perhaps they used that same spool on other models? there is a L-200 in our local salvage yard, not that it would be any better then the one you have now,
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    L2550 Radiator Hose

    1- Look to see if the overflow hose has an obstruction, 2- Has the radiator cap been changed? if so! maybe wrong cap, or might need new cap?
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    Broken/Cracked hydraulic pump

    Thanks! Vic . some very good info you have provided, I have done as you suggest and elimintated the "power beyond" adaptor and connect the return line back to the control, I then removed and caped off the 3rd hose/line at the control as you suggest, I reinstalled the crack pump and inlet &...
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    Hello Dusty, I'm not sure if this will work with your tractor but might be worth a try? The person I bought my tractor from over 11 years ago used to buy up many orange compact tractors fix them to resale, many of them would have the clutch disc frozzen to the pressure plate just as yours...
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    Broken/Cracked hydraulic pump

    Thanks! for the info -Vic- You sure know your parts, this is the bIb model BM40, I'm glad to know that all is connected correctly and that I can do away with the 3rd line, if it has no purposs? then it is nothing more then in the way,.... Could you please explain to me in your opinion why...
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    Broken/Cracked hydraulic pump

    is anyone familiar with this single Joystic hydraulic control ? made by --> (BB hydraulis LTD ) I caanot find a thing on the net about them, supposed to be in Canada,..... the pictures I post are how I currently have the hoses connected to the pressure line, the hose you see on the far left...
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    Broken/Cracked hydraulic pump

    Hello again Folks, I've decided to move this to a topic of its own,........ well the ever so dreaded has happen, The Hydraulic pump has cracked, I got the FEL installed today and as I was checking it out lifting etc,etc, I found that it would not come back down only went up in all control...
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    L175 - Can't Shift Into Gear (when running)

    Did you try shifting it into gear while not running? or lower to an idle while trying to shift into gear? I experience similar issue, while Bushhoging for 3 straight hours, the clutch got hot and started slipping a little, so I put it into nuetural shut-r-down to rest for a while, went back...
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    Hydraulic slow lifting issue

    Update! OK here is one other thing I am looking into as I am putting things back in line and eliminating the QD's and loop,.......... I left the loop line connected to the pump side and removed the QD's on the other end while cranking over the engine/Hyd pump I watch to see how much pressure...
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    Hydraulic slow lifting issue

    Hello folks, I have started to see some change in the speed of the 3-pnt. lift of my Tractor, as some of you may know I no longer have my Orange buddy, I am now the owner of a compact Red one, (Yan) yeah I really hated to see it go.. But It was time for a larger one that would work the FEL ...