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    this really happened

    i was retiring and selling my business without the adjacent 35 acres of land. I bought a new kubota m 60 60 with the best radial tires front kubota # amr- 8586 size 320/85r20 rear weighted #amr 8570 size 420/ 70r28 to manage the acreage. The problem the buyer decided to buy the land. I have a 5...
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    B 7100 tractor weights

    i will be doing my own fertlizing this year with a pto driven 3 point ferlizer hooper 400 lbs capacity. I am in a urban area and cant seem to find the proper weights that will easily install on that little front bumper. i saw one on amazon but it was 194 dollars! i do have a tractor supply near...
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    bx2680 wheel spacer size

    i ordered a set of grassmaster turf tires they use the same rims the currennt bar tire does. i have a mmm i decided i would like to use the broteck spacers would like to go to 2 inches can anyone confirm that size would work i believe they also have a 1.5 your help is appreciatted
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    M6060 Tire replacement options

    i just posted i will have a set of perfect radial tires possibly with rims with 60 hours on them see my new post
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    m 6060

    i bought a m6060 with radil tires 420/170 r28 rear and 320/85r20 fronts they have the rim wweights on rear tires this tractor was bought for a farm project that never materilazied. i bought it right a few years back and want to keep it for my 5 plus acres of yard work. i however need a set of...