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  1. mcfarmall

    2018 Kubota M5660SUHD

    I love my M5660. Buy it and stop worrying about the hours. Would you be happier with a 2018 with 1900 hours on it?
  2. mcfarmall

    PTO driven 3-point circular saw attachment.

    Here's my solution. Anything 4" diameter or less goes to the burn pile. Amputation averted!
  3. mcfarmall

    So what would you tell your grand kids?

    Puppies and kittens are considered "companion animals" the others are "livestock."
  4. mcfarmall

    PipBoy Holders... The FallOut Series..

    Walton Goggin is the only reason I'm watching it, plus I like dystopian apocalypse movies.
  5. mcfarmall

    turbo oil in exhaust

    Infant mortality on the turbo oil seal perhaps? Slobbering from idling too much?
  6. mcfarmall

    Drill Chuck for 1/2" Impact Wrench?

    Rent a Hilti and save yourself a bunch of time and headaches.
  7. mcfarmall

    Spring , not yet

    My 2nd gen Starlink is $120 with auto pay. It's been real good so far, but fiber is coming down my street this summer for $65/month. Will be selling my system once the fiber is past the infant mortality stage.
  8. mcfarmall

    Tiller maintenance?

    EP 00 is an extreme pressure semi fluid grease, a.k.a. "corn head grease". Check your local big ag dealerships. Also look for NLGI 00 grease in a tube. People use this in brush cutter gearboxes as well.
  9. mcfarmall

    Grab hook with 1" pin?

    Are you trying to drag sections of the FSK Bridge out of the river? 😁
  10. mcfarmall

    Am I too OCD or should I flush/clean my SQ480 gearbox?

    Fix the vent plug, then do a drain and refill if that will appease the OCD gods. Applied OCD is the name of a popular YouTube channel.
  11. mcfarmall

    Expensive Day

    Bummer. I picked up a Skil worm drive saw for $50 on Craigslist. 4 months later I turned one down at a flea market for $15. I kick myself for not buying it. That Skil kicks @$$!
  12. mcfarmall

    Plow for my mx5000

    I'd buy the two bottom.
  13. mcfarmall

    You got the Smudge Pots. How about this?

    Dang! I was going to guess "bull$#!t grinder."
  14. mcfarmall

    Must be Spring...

  15. mcfarmall

    Hydraulic oil in engine oil pan? What?

    Leaking shaft seal on the engine driven hydraulic pump. Spews hydraulic fluid right into the crankcase.
  16. mcfarmall

    You think you have weed problems

    Hit that pile with a propane torch!
  17. mcfarmall

    Engines at altitude

    That's why piston engine aircraft have turbochargers! Minimal power loss, if any, at high altitudes.
  18. mcfarmall

    Which one would you choose?

    I'd run a 15 foot batwing. Still would look nice in my opinion.
  19. mcfarmall

    Cylinder Lockout Devices for Kubota LA844 FEL

    Here are mine. Made from a piece of heavy wall rectangular aluminum strucural tubing wit a pair of ball lock pins to hold in place. I made a pair.
  20. mcfarmall

    Mx6000 vs 7060