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    Gravel drive plowing with pipe over blade edge

    Commonly known as a turf saver around here. Good Luck!
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    B2782B Snowblower on B2601

    My 2007 B3030 cab model came with the B2782 blower. Since then,there has been the B2782A,and the B2l782B. Search Kubota USA parts by your model number. I'm sure it could very be possible! Good Luck!
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    RAL color code B7100

    What is the RAL color code? Good Luck & welcome!
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    M7040 - AC works but blows hot after a while

    Interesting thread! OP has not posted back. I'm thinking he found coolant leaking into the heater core was the problem. He seemed well versed in AC repair!
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    Kubota 3030 (2012) wont start

    Time for the OP to crawl under the right side of the tractor and grease the HST pedal pivot fitting. Hope he comes back and reads this!
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    Broken Oil Drain Plug

    As I used to tell customers when I was a Mac Tools guy- The only good extractor is the one you don't have to use.
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    M7040 - AC works but blows hot after a while

    I think the OP stated he replaced the receiver/drier.
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    Intellipanel removal on L47

    I'm jealous of your Lane Shark! My dream implement!
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    Front Axel

    Perhaps the OP is finding some of the "fines" left over from Kubota's machining processes? Many have noticed metallic residue when draining the front axle,as have I?
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    Kubota b8200d

    Nice looking older machine! Good Luck!
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    Need help with tachometer BX24

    Check the belt tension. Sounds like it's slipping and catches on sometimes,resulting in normal operation. Good Luck!
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    B30 series-very nice tractors! Deluxe features and Tier 2 emissions. Don't let it go too cheap.
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    Premium UDT on sale

    That's a very good price on a 5 gallon pail of SUDT2 ! Thanks for the post!
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    L245DT could use a paint job

    The OP's L245DT would be the old Kubota orange color,not the newer version. Great idea though!
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    2010 B3200HSD 210 total hours engine losing prime on first start.

    Are you sure all the glow plugs are good? I remember those 2.5mm fabric covered hoses! Used to keep a meter of it around. Even used it to repair my 6.5 GMC diesel return lines. Have yet to hear of this being an issue with Kubota engines. Good Luck!
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    Kubota V1505 engine ...... Questions about a block heater...Updated.

    Very cool! Looks more like a Fairbanks set-up. Maybe Kubota should offer this as a cold climate package? Good Luck!
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    B2410 Electrical issue

    Maybe the belt needs to be tightened up? It may be slipping? Good Luck!
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    BX23S front axle oil question

    Lawnmower oil for less than perfect units? Lifetime supply!