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  1. bbxlr8

    Good thing top speed is low

    Ugh - I played a different version of the same game with the weak front hub on my 1210... I would have preferred the wheel version. FWIW - I've never seen that failure before. Maybe you can reweld?
  2. bbxlr8

    Picking the correct oil

    Funny & agreed! - of course, you know that any proper oil when changed is fine. Can't resist a good oil thread... :p Use the 5W 30 or 40 depending on what's on the shelf & you don't have to worry about the season here in the NE FWIW - I run have T6 in my Kawasaki engined ZT after break-in...
  3. bbxlr8

    Hydraulic pressure shim diameter

    FYI - you will find the same predatory price gouging on LED bulb specifically targeting kubota - not rocket science to get the specs
  4. bbxlr8

    Hydraulic pressure shim diameter

    Dug 'em up & here you go - exact for L2501 (and others I'm sure). Paid a whopping 80 cents per. 😬 After experimenting - use a good gauge... I could have used 1 in the combo in the next size up but they were oos so I stacked them. Def. get the correct ones edit: 0.4 also available for sure...
  5. bbxlr8

    Hydraulic pressure shim diameter

    Welcome! I bought an assortment of thicknesses to fine-tune the stack with a pressure gauge. It was expensive for the material but nowhere near what you listed above. I will check and come back, but gut-check recall it somewhere in the $10-15 range for at least 3 diff ones and multiple packs...
  6. bbxlr8

    Crazy high speed crash

    Wow - glad he was OK!! It is a sickening feeling that you never forget! I had this happen once on a VERY powerful older car (67) where I had just installed a new power brake vacuum line that ran under the linkage. Tested and drove fine until I did a full-throttle pass & it hung up open. Over...
  7. bbxlr8

    Crazy high speed crash

    This happened yesterday close to me - Was about 200+ yards of destruction and the car isn't recognizable. Talked to my friend who works at the Toyota dealership and he told me it was a Challenger. It took out the sign, two tents on either side of the drive, 10 cars including the TOP of the...
  8. bbxlr8

    landscape rakes

    I use a 7' Handles it fine, just have to be careful on the turns ;) I would prob buy a 6'
  9. bbxlr8

    landscape rakes

    I borrow a neighbor's 7ft beast for a stab at collecting rocks out of large newly graded areas - It generally works well, but the composition of my "soil" is partially rock to some degree. Also works GREAT for doing the same on trails and evening out erosion gullies on gravel powerline 2...
  10. bbxlr8


    I got a sinking feeling watching it :p
  11. bbxlr8

    That was really bad

    Glad you were ok! I haven't had that issue yet and am in 4WD FT with my sloped property. Will keep an eye out. I HAVE taken a similar ride before on my 2WD 1210, even with fat turfs. Definitely was along for the ride and steering in vain.
  12. bbxlr8

    That was really bad

    Wow - I''m not sure I am getting the full picture. The weight of the rear deck swung you around...? Deceivingly, it doesn't look that steep there.
  13. bbxlr8

    R14 tires soft?

    I'll go w/ Idaho Wolfman as the expert comparatively. FWIW I have the R14s and have only punctured the front but I take ALL stupid responsibility as I ran over an old C. coop with big nails. Other than that incident (on me) they have been pretty tough in all situations over rock and rough...
  14. bbxlr8

    My gutless wonder

    Not much help... but my f@rd 1210 w/16hp with 60" mmm deck cuts uphill in thick growth. Something is definitely not right.
  15. bbxlr8

    Rock Stacking...

    These are ExWorks at my site - I'll load you though!
  16. bbxlr8

    Rock Stacking...

    I first thought you were talking about dry stacking a wall (kinda). I started one supporting a berm near my tractor shed last spring and developed a good technique/ rhythm to place - BTW They really hurt when they shift! Nice touch on the bucket control resting them on each other. I tend to...
  17. bbxlr8

    Advice on first real tractor for retirement.

    Welcome - there are lots of good choices and options. After much reading and advice here, I went with L2501 as TLB and grapple. My primary objective was major land reshaping on a ridge with ROCKS and heavy old-growth forest. BH & grapple were game changers and the 2501 punches "above its...
  18. bbxlr8

    Tractor Disasters and Owner Abuse

    Was traveling and just catching up... I have a similar one but mine is the pucker right in the center and never wanting to feel it again! 😬 fwiw - My entire property is sloped and on a ridge - a meter is not needed here.
  19. bbxlr8

    Rotella T6 synthetic oil

    Never saw that before! Do you think they EVER would pay out no matter the documentation? Agree with mcmxi But it's good enough for me to use :p
  20. bbxlr8

    Picked up a trailer this weekend

    Looks great! I've been kicking it around for a while but can't seem to find any reasonable deals in my area. Everyone wants "new" money. Not asking cost, but how was the deal IYO? Obviously "fair" & you needed/wanted it... ;) Also, what does it weigh unloaded? THX