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    The Lottery - Anyone hit it?

    One of my employee's won 150,000. It destroyed him. 11 mths later, he is dead broke and living with his Dad in a trailer park.
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    Impressed with the BX capabilities!

    I'm an auto mechanic , not a farmer. But I use my bx at least once a day , 5 days a week.
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    CAT theft

    A friend owns a general repair shop. One of his commercial customers owned a fleet of those new high top vans, Ram, i think,,,,, Mercedes. The thieves broke into his lot, cut several cats off but got into a wireing harness on one. Shorted out the harness and killed the computer. 18 thousand...
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    sawmillers, blade lube

    Tried the diesel fuel diluted with paint thinner. Works good, no more drying like concrete but I haven't cked the effects of staining or clear coating. Maybe nest month. I've already got 2 stacks of lumber 4 ft deep and over 6 feet high in the 40 by 60 metal building. No more place to put it...
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    How can you use a three-point implement with a mid-mount mower on a B2601?

    Well,, that was an expensive use of an egg!!!
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    sawmillers, blade lube

    Pine is all I'm sawing, storms keep taking them down.
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    sawmillers, blade lube

    Just purchased a woodland mills saw mill. Great mill but having trouble with the blade lube. Been using water with dish soap and it creates a sludge on the wood that if it is not brushed off, it dries hard like concrete. Can't grasp using diesel fuel on wood that may be stained or painted but...
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    Woodland Mills Stump Grinder with Backup Camera

    I just purchased a backup camera from costco that is rear camera wireless and solar powered. The screen display does have to be plugged into 12 volts and with an extra rear camera, the screen becomes split,, 2 screens in one. I plan on putting the extra camera on my camper but now may have to...
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    42 years ago today, January 2nd 1980

    Every time I lose a pet, I say " I' m not going through this again. But then some tail wagger will show up and wind up sleeping on by bed.
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    Is it true all Americans want higher gas prices?

    And I saw last night where Ca is banning all gas powered mowers and small machines. ????????
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    Immediate threat! Need advice on Tick spray

    Adams flea and tick spray is really good to spray on the dog. Will kill ticks in seconds and not harm the dog. I keep a spray bottle next to the door and spray their feet and my pants legs. Last time I bought it at Wall Mart.
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    Compassion shown by 23 month old

    It is said,," children bring the most heart wrenching pain and the most happiness." I'll ask my dad if that is true Sat, it's his 85 birthday.
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    I guess it has started

    speaking of migraters... as a kid, I never remember seeing a Canadian goose except in the flying formation. Nth Ga area.. Now they are all around here , even in the winter. Have they gotten too lazy to fly???
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    Chainsaw Scabbard?

    larrybud,,, don't mean to be critical, just observant. That would never work for me. One trip thru the woods and I'd be buying a new saw. Maybe rotate it 90 degrees.
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    Bigger bucket for BX?

    My bx2670 with the 48 in bucket will not lift a full bucket of limestone gravel more than 4 feet. Same with wet dirt. The cylinders are just not big enough. And , yes, I do have the pressure boosted. Granted, sometimes more volume with lighter stuff is needed.
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    Big tool rack - no returns in 7 years claim

    check6 Is that an E Phantom,, gun in the nose??? I was a crew chief ( mechanic) for 2 and half years in Germany on those.
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    Carry all

    10-4 never go into the woods with only 1 saw.
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    Maybe I an buy another BMW

    Or just forward the e mail to the real FBI.
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    Not a good day at the farm

    Every time I go to a flea market, I'm looking for a sign,,, Warning Thieves.. I own guns and a BIG backhoe.
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    Today’s award for stupid goes to…

    Anyone who has ever changed a blade or changed a chain on a chain saw has done that,, some more than once!!!