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    Part for Bx1500

    Thank you sir thats what I needed to figure out which one to order!
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    Part for Bx1500

    There is a switch that is located behind the rear wheel, Where the shift linkage is, I will call it the neutral safety switch for a lack of better term that essentially lets the tractor know it’s ok to start. I think that is going on my little bx and want to replace it but do not which switch I...
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    What kind of chainsaw you have?

    Husqvarna 455 rancher Husqvarna 345 After finding this post I have some serious chainsaw envy.
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    DPF operating hints: calling all owners of new tractors

    I just had my first regen at 44 hours as well. Tilling at the time and there was no change, so much dust I couldn't have told you if there was a difference in smell or not.
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    Need help deciding.

    As you will read on this site err on the side of bigger. I had a passing thought of getting a B series but realized I needed bigger. If not for now then definitely for later. A tractor is a long term investment so if you do it right the first time you will not have to worry about it down the...
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    Pull Behind Sprayer

    I literally just bought this one: Hasn't been delivered but did some research has decent reviews pretty much where ever its sold. I have wanted to get something to spray quickly but could be versatile. I...
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    Dog bombs- picking up implement?

    I was on craigslist going through the farm and garden section like I always do and saw this item I know nothing about them but seems like it might be something you could use
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    Brush hog

    To second the above comment, the thing I found the cheapest used were bush hogs. I bought a tiller and finish mower new because I found what they were going for used were close enough I would err on the side of new, but in the bush hog case, I'm going used because at least around here they go a...
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    New Land Pride Tiller Problem

    Agree with wolfman, a tiller is going to get beat up. My sill plate was a little protruded on the tiller I just got, started leaking a gear oil. They sent me a new sill plate but I just banged this one into place and through some gasket maker around it. I've used mine for about 4-5 hours and...
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    Is Kubota credit sketchy?

    I was actually not told by my Sales guy that they would not send out any correspondence. I waited to receive some kind of correspondence beyond contract but never received. I went on and paid the bill online but it is a bit weird they don't send an "initial bill" Almost every company does...
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    Farm implements

    Here in Jersey to be farmland assessed you have to show a profit of $1k or more per 5 usable acres and then its only I think something like $10 per acre beyond that. At my previous farm I had a little over 5 acres but most was woods/wetlands. I planted about an acre. Last year on my honest...
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    Cutting a PTO Shaft

    I have now cut shafts for two tillers. Its seems like a lot to take off but I inevitably cut to little to be on the cautious side then have to cut more. As someone said above make sure you separate and cut both sides.
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    Tiller Size for L3901?

    What do people run on their L3901? What do you guys suggest max size? I was going to go with 70-72" but in a different thread someone made me question maybe that is to large?
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    Mount walk behind tiller on 3 point hitch?

    Not sure what the capacity of your tractor is but I got a 37" tiller for my BX1500 about 2 years ago for $850 shipped to my door. Its been good to me for 3 years and I beat it up. I actually only had 4.86 acres mainly wooded and wetlands. I planted probably .75 acres. This little guy did the...
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    Should I add these extras?

    Quotes for the the remotes installed are $950 for front and $1000 for rear. Anybody know if these are decent quotes?
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    Should I add these extras?

    The finish mowing is more of a "field" than an actual lawn, I am going to keep my eye out for a used brush mower as well. I'm not to worried about the weight if it makes sense to get the extra weight which I was leaning towards, for the loader work. Any idea how much the extra valves cost...
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    Should I add these extras?

    Decided to purchase a new L3901 after debating new and used and the 0% financing. I will be using it as a general do it all but the main jobs will be mowing with a 72” finish mower on some areas around a large pond and roadside. Moving firewood probably going to start putting in bins on a...
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    Messicks Video (Compact tractors very strong demand, few used on the market

    You were pretty much dead on with this, decided to get a quote from Messicks because I'm at work and email access is easy, they pretty much came in at 14% under the build cost.
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    Messicks Video (Compact tractors very strong demand, few used on the market

    I'm actually having that internal debate now. I see that 0% and think, if I buy the tractor new I will end up owning it my entire life. I can take the money I would have paid cash for a used and invest it, or save some cash overall and buy used. I just don't know how much these dealers take...
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    Starting my Search....

    A lot of that stuff is up in the air, I think I've come to the realization I will need to get something maybe a bit over sized for my needs now and hopefully it fits for a while till the true plan unfolds. I'm starting with only organic crops.