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    Burning Belts

    When compressors lock up they put metal through the system. You're looking at compressor, dryer ,and condenser. Orifice valve if so equipped. Then vacuum and recharge.
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    Crazy high speed crash

    Stupid is as stupid does. A friend of a coworker was there for the clean up. Pictures of the damages are unbelievable.
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    Help me out here...

    How about drive up on trailer and use tractor bucket to unload ?????
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    Rotella T6 synthetic oil

    Dryden was my go to for everything back in the day. Oils were great products for everything from heavy equipment to my drag cars. Their greases were top notch products. Castrol bought them out and changed the line to Castrol HD I believe. The Dryden name is now back, acquired by reladyne, a...
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    4030 power steering reservoir question

    I would guess udt but don't hold me to that. Go on kubota books .com get yourself a manual. Free
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    4030 power steering reservoir question

    Manual will tell you
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    Farmall H restoration

    Getting old is a bitch. It does have one advantage though. When the wife says "why did you need to buy another toy" you can say " 1st off the term is tool and it helps with what I can't physically do any more"
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    Spare tire bracket

    Thanks guys but it's done now. Only need 2. Also the bolts were 4.5 inches long. Would have to be cut down. Just doesn't make sense why they do what they do sometimes.
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    Spare tire bracket

    So I ordered a spare tire bracket, Ounyoizs brand, for the trailer from Amazon. Appeared fairly well made and it actually is. However the bolts they give you to mount the spare are 10x1.50 thread. Noone makes a lug nut that size. I ended up drilling out the 2 mounting holes I would need and...
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    Gear heads ,,283

    Was the engine oil pump primed before starting after sitting? If not unseen damage may be there. I had to rebuild a dodge 270 poly a few yrs ago that was previously rebuilt, however sat for several yrs while the rest of the car was being done. It was then started dry. Worst issue there was it...
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    Pet Insurance

    Don't currently have a pet but we used aspca for the last one. The premiums went up quite a bit over the yrs but the coverage was pretty good. When the time came they even paid a percentage for in home euthanasia.
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    Z421 needs to be towed out of backyard for repair

    Makes it hard to move if you're by yourself. Drill a hole for rod to drop into and problem solved
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    Z421 needs to be towed out of backyard for repair

    I know on my 122 the left side rod drops into a slot further back but the right side rod has to be held back while the machine is moved. Not sure why kubota made it like that.
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    B7800 propeller shaft

    On my b2400 I cut a hole in the floor pan with a hole saw to allow access to the upper pin slide coupler. Maybe for you?????
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    B3200 no forward or reverse

    A universal will work. The idea is to get the splines in the clutch disc centered in the fingers of the pressure plate. Little finesse and wiggling will get the input shaft lined up and through
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    Broken pinion shaft

    This thing is so little and it slides down into the tube. No way to measure anything inside. Not going to worry about pattern. In 4wd only moving a few miles an hr.
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    Broken pinion shaft

    Cleaned up tube and differential. Replaced bearings on differential and new bevel pinion gear. Did not do anything with diff gears. Reinstalled pinion shaft with factory collars. All is within spec. Tightened nut down so I have 34 lbs of turning torque. Everything nice and smooth with no noise.
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    L245DT New clutch, pressure plate but now slips

    I did run into that on an 80s ford f150 hydraulic clutch. Someone had cut it already and with the new cut couldn't get in to release enough to even put it in gear. When in doubt buy a new one from the get go.