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    L4457 Front Flail Mower

    Still available
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    L4457 Front Flail Mower

    Still available,make offer,willing to ship at buyers expense.
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    L4457 Front Flail Mower

    Must have auto -hitch L4554A for this unit.Looking for agricultural equipment in trade or cash.Located in Western NY Make cash offers,you won’t hurt my feelings.Excellent condition
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    Is it me or is Kubota becoming overpriced???

    I went to 2 different dealers this week,priced out exactly the same tractor,got 2 different prices almost $6000 difference on same tractor.The lower price dealer discounted the base tractor and each item I added.The other dealer told me their was no discounts to be had.I wasted my time getting...
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    Grand L4760 or a MX6000

    Well yesterday i got down to the nitty griddy on the used L4760,its not going to happen.There wasnt even a counter off from the owner,felt my offer was legit but evidently he didnt,so it will probably be a MX6000. The leaning towards the L4760 was also because i have access to a new front flail...
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    Grand L4760 or a MX6000

    Well had a really good experience at the local Kubota dealer today.
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    Grand L4760 or a MX6000

    Looking at these 2 tractors,I am leaning towards the L4760 that is exactly what I want but the asking price is somewhat high in my estimation.The MX 6000 is 3 years newer with lower hours is lacking rear remote but is in excellent condition.Dont really need 60 hp but looking for the best bang...
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    New tractor orientation

    How about a neighbor or a friend, some one close with hands on experience.
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    Trailer for BX2680

    Just picked up a used BX 2680,when I loaded on my all aluminum trailer 6.5'x12' tires seemed to squat a bit. Tractor-1521 loader-478 snowblower-353 cab-300 snowblower hookup-100 approx. Trailer is 2990#,I will be close to maxed out with tractor-cab,mower,loader.I also have a split deck 14000 ib...
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    Wtb rck60b23bx

    Looking for this mower deck,[RCK60B23BX]New take-off or lightly used.Located between Rochester and Buffalo NY.Will travel a reasonable distance for right price and condition
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    Kerosene opps....

    Here in NY all kerosene that i have bought the last few years has been dyed red, the same as off road diesel.I have only seen clear kero sold in 1 gal. prefilled and sealed containers.