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    L245DT Front Axle Oil Seal?

    thank you wolfman
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    L245DT Front Axle Oil Seal?

    ok I am in the same situation, what way does the oil seal go I assume spring of the seal towards the inside? Thanks
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    Saftey Saftey Safety!!!!

    I am far from being a person that spells good, and even worse at grammar but wouldn't it be their and not there? :confused: I think the point is about the safety not the spelling of it.
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    3 pt. lever wont work properly.

    Thank you wolfman , replacing the spring washers and nuts solved my problem. well worth the 7 dollars and change on parts. but i will tell you the back nut was a pain to remove the threads on the nut were rolled over making it tough to get off. sure will making the 3 point easier.
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    Recent Site Outage - the good, the bad and the ugly

    Mr. K i have been a member to tbn for a long time. and yes there is a wealth of information there. but at times there are too many post to keep up with. i was with that site when they were a lot smaller and the information was easier to find. but i seem to be spending more time on this...
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    Recent Site Outage - the good, the bad and the ugly

    I would agree it would be a good idea to weed out the unused members but wouldn't it hurt the advertising. Mr K couldn't say we have x number of members on this site. the actual numbers would be lower than what it is now. isn't it a numbers game?
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    New to me 3 point tiller

    looks like a Yanmar RS1303 tiller
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    What is this on my L2201DT?

    If i was to guess the plugs could be removed for hydraulic hoses for a front end loader. It is just a guess though.
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    Forum time and time zones.

    sounds like time to play the lottery :)
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    l245dt front wheels

    we need pictures:)
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    Hydraulics theory and operation

    I just tore into it. if you do watch out for the bearing on the float side so you don't lose them. there is not much to it.
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    Hydraulics theory and operation

    I have the same setup. with the same amount of hoses. and I believe your loader vale is indeed a open center valve. I and wondering if your loader controls might need rebuilt I know I had to replace o rings in mine. also I had to replace the ball bearing on the left lever to make the float...
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    where in ky are they?
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    Finally got a Kubota ... got some ??s

    the reservoir takes 90weight ear oil. also check out the front and real axle they take90 weight as well. Nice looking rig you have there.
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    L245DT medium or light duty pallet forks?

    I would agree light duty would be the way to go. your loader is most probably rated for around 1000 lb but if I were you with little materials welder and time I would recommend making a set where you can take your bucket off and install the forks. It would also put less stress on your bucket...
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    L245 possible tear down for parts???

    I think you will find a lot of interest if it is a l245dt. They are a tough little tractor. I have one and it is a mule. I might be interested in parts.
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    MAD Racoons...

    DJG Not to Disrespect you but I think we have too much big brother already. Just my 2 cents.:)
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    Kubota L245DT front end loader specs!

    The pump I have on my l245dt is 37150-3610-1 pump oil pressure for the loader and 3 point. if you need a anything else let me know.
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    Wanted. Power Steering; Front PTO for L245DT

    attached is the working link. The other link too many r and not enough e's :) it appears it is only available for b models?
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    L245DT Front Axle Leak Repair

    I have replaced them on mine and it wasnt that hard of a job. these tractors are pretty easy to work on.