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  1. jyoutz

    Using a Garden Sprayer to service fluids

    Great idea. And that sprayer you have is cheap at HF. I have 3 of them: one each for herbicides, insecticides, and liquid fertilizer. I guess I should buy another for motor oil.
  2. jyoutz

    L3301 3 point hitch parts

    I I know it’s the same as the L2501 and L3901. Those are the same machines with different engines. I’m not familiar with those other models that you cited.
  3. jyoutz

    Thank you CA

    In my state, the local established minimum wage is almost irrelevant. Fast food places are offering more than minimum wage rates in order to be competitive to attract employees in this tight labor market.
  4. jyoutz

    Mower Deck Undercoating

    Could you use some of the truck bed liner paint? Obviously not the products with the rough texture. Or simply cleaning, then paint a thin coating of oil prior to storing the mower? Or maybe a hardened epoxy paint coating?
  5. jyoutz

    Thank you CA

    In my area, I can get a three for me deal at Chili’s. A large cheeseburger and fries, soup or salad or chips/salsa, and ice tea or soda with unlimited refills for $10.99. McDonalds costs more for a lot less quality and quantity.
  6. jyoutz

    Advice from L3902 HST owners

    A lot depends on the soil type. Fine textured clay soil would compact.
  7. jyoutz

    TROY-BILT tiller

    Interesting. I understand the current models are made in Wisconsin since Generac bought the company.
  8. jyoutz

    Advice from L3902 HST owners

    Absolutely, but my point is that they may want to use some kind of removable ballast if they are using a tractor on the lawn.
  9. jyoutz

    Document fee

    Correct for vehicles. But that doesn’t apply to tractors because they aren’t required to be registered.
  10. jyoutz

    Thank you CA

    When I want a good burger meal, I go to Chili’s. Way better and cheaper than Mickey D’s and always has been.
  11. jyoutz

    Advice from L3902 HST owners

    I think the key factor is whether or not a tractor is used for finished lawn mowing. My tractor is way too heavy and large for that, so filled tires makes the most sense, if someone has a small, light tractor with a mmm, I can see not installing liquid ballast. I prefer my ZTM and push mower for...
  12. jyoutz

    TROY-BILT tiller

    I wish I could still buy those old Troy built horse tillers. The current MTD models don’t come close to the quality. I searched and bought a DR tiller last year as being the best affordable choice of current tillers.
  13. jyoutz

    Seat Hot In Summer

    Go to the Durafit website, or search for them on Amazon. Find the correct fit cordura seat cover. $40 and problem solved. It will also protect your seat.
  14. jyoutz

    L2550 with loader

    How do you measure tongue weight?
  15. jyoutz

    Sad News

    Read the Blue bell label. Artificial vanilla and other flavorings. That’s why I buy Breyers or Tillamook. Real vanilla, Dutch chocolate, and other flavors.
  16. jyoutz

    L4802 vs MX5400

    I’m glad to see you’re still on the forum and able to remind us about the orphan tractor that has no living parents. I do agree about the MX.
  17. jyoutz

    Rear Blade?

    I don’t either but I’ve seen people post that they are satisfied with the Homestead grapple. One think to look at on the website is the weight of the implement. Obviously the heavier the better. My Bison blade weighs 1025# but it’s a category 2 and too much for your tractor. But for a category 1...
  18. jyoutz

    Rear Blade?

    If you can hold out to find a blade that offsets and tilts by pulling a pin, you will be very glad you did. They are usually not the cheapest blade, but they are infinitely more useful. Ask your dealer to find one for you.
  19. jyoutz

    Messicks Oil Filter Review

    No winning. I just like to point out that most situations are more complex than what the news media likes to portray with their quick snippets of information. I enjoy having civil discussions with you and other here in the forum. Have a nice evening. I’m grilling some barbecue now and getting...
  20. jyoutz

    Messicks Oil Filter Review

    I bought my first house in 1987 at the prevailing rate of 10% interest. Rates are still comparatively cheap.