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  1. PaulR

    BX23s Pin Bucket vs 2 lever

    You won't realize the difference. If you're buying "only" a 23S, you're prime concern isn't lift capacity anway. If you want to be on par with the pin bucket, just add a shim or two. Convenience > capacity loss, just MHO. It's awesome to flip back and forth between the bucket, forks, and grapple...
  2. PaulR

    Dont Make This Political

    Because the D.T. or J.B words have not been mentioned yet. Even if I was a moderator here, I'd let it slide, so far.......
  3. PaulR

    BX23S Wheel Spacers Recommendation

    Get your tires weighted with beet juice. Also makes a big difference.
  4. PaulR

    2005 BX23 with 100 hours, Loader and Backhoe, $12K, Is this a good deal? Stored indoors, clean

    Unicorns do exist. This sounds like it could be one of them. I've got some 2007 Can Am's with only 500 miles on them. My 2020 BX23S is low hours I think with only ~100. Some folks buy toys and never use them. I say go for it.
  5. PaulR

    So, who are the potheads out there?

    Tumeric for aches. Works wonders. Pot just makes me (more) anxious.
  6. PaulR

    Torque Wrenches

    That looks like a GREAT deal!
  7. PaulR

    flat face connectors

    I've read about and tried every tip in the book about this. Read all the threads here. Still have the same problems OP has no matter what. The only solution that works for me: Crack the lines on the Grapple with a wrench, then connect them.
  8. PaulR

    Mortality Rate

    3 kids, didn't want a minivan. She's back to a Jeep Wrangler now. (y)
  9. PaulR

    Mortality Rate

    I do this on some boards for specific reasons. eg: wifes Chevy Traverse will have a specific problem, I join to get info and answers, get it solved and never return for years until maybe another problem shows up, loll. I mean, who would want to hang out in a chevy traverse forum all the time??
  10. PaulR

    3 point chipper?

    I have a 23S, same HP as you? My Woodland Mills WC 46 runs fine.
  11. PaulR

    2017 BX23S with 110 hours - ignore "hours" service interval and change fluids?

    2020 BX23S here with 109 hrs. I've done oil, filter, HST filter change but no Hydraulic oil just yet. I may do mine at 150, we'll see. Of course, I think my rear PTO seal is leaking, so that may alter the schedule a bit.
  12. PaulR

    Bxpanded Ripper question

    Rookie here with the Ripper, took my first stump out last week. It was a biggun, 12"'s + around. It was tedious but fun at the same time, I asked specifically here if I made a mistake not ordering the QA for the ripper, figured I'd try without it. Maybe just me but I don't think it was too...
  13. PaulR

    Shop/Shed 30x60

  14. PaulR

    BX23S Backhoe wood splitter mod

    Now I'm looking at this one, attaches to an SSQA plate:
  15. PaulR

    ORTHO weed killer opinion

    Disagree, I think the groundclear has at least one more ingredient besides the glyph. I like it, I think it lasts longer than most other regular brands. I use it around our commercial building and it does a great job, and I have not grown a third eye yet. Edit: Triclopyr, not Glyphosate...
  16. PaulR

    I need "that" pin

    Thanks, I did find another pin to drop in there temporarily that seems to fit nice, wife was able to till the whole garden with no more mishaps. I measured mine at 3/8's. I guess based on the diagram and functionality there just needs to be a pin there to stop the plate from working off the...
  17. PaulR

    I need "that" pin

    BX 23S The one that fits in the center of this plate. Mine snapped, is lost and the plate keeps falling off. In watching the Messicks video it looks to be a funky two diameter pin. Can someone snap a picture of theirs for me? I called the dealer and they were too busy to deal with this little...
  18. PaulR

    Beginner 3 point hitch question

    :ROFLMAO: Oh believe me, it took a friggen hour to make it look that bad. :cautious: This is the Factory Kubota 3 point hitch kit top link that came with the kit, right out of the box. Maybe after I try getting this thing as short and tight as possible if it still needs more I will go get a...
  19. PaulR

    Beginner 3 point hitch question

    Thanks guys. Broke the DS shear pin so will be resetting the whole thing now. (NON technical terms): Tightening the turnbuckles attached to the lower arms helped too. The chipper does in fact have a lower slot for the top link, will try that too. Thanks again.
  20. PaulR

    Beginner 3 point hitch question

    What the hell am I doing wrong??? Thank you.