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  1. Dave_eng

    L2202DT manuals (L185DT ??)

    Go to Books Use my link and it will take you to the page with the manuals. There are some for the older L's including yours but I forewarn you they are not the most complete manuals. You will find other sites selling you a download manual for $10 but it will be the same as...
  2. Dave_eng

    2000 B21 Tach/hour meter issue

    In the USA there are many companies rebuilding instruments for the antique car people. Here is one company but there are many Instrument repair Often it is small spiders which get inside and prevent the needle from moving. It is best not a do it yourself type of job. Also contact forum member...
  3. Dave_eng

    Need help

    Exactly what model of M7040 do you have. If it is a cab model there will be a decal on the right door near the bottom telling you what type of power beyond you have. Type 1or type 2. I am providing this detail just to show you how complicated things can be. There is a feedback rod...
  4. Dave_eng

    Need help

    It is important you understand the hydraulic flows on your tractor. The main pump feeds the loader valve. The loader valve has 7 ports on it. 6 of these are strictly for loader functions. The 7 port is a power beyond port which is the hydraulic supply to the 3 pt hitch and any rear remotes...
  5. Dave_eng

    small one wire alternator replacement for original AC dyno

    If you stick with DENSO you get a quality product. Even my friend's 2011 Buick Lucerrne has a DENSO from factory instead of a Delco. Here is a link to a small form factor 45 amp unit on $118 Denso In terms of mounting, the B7100 WSM available for free on contains...
  6. Dave_eng

    M9540 Shuttle Shift Question

    Check your private message. The envelope symbol in top right corner of most forum pages. Never post an email address in public areas of forum! Dave
  7. Dave_eng

    M9540 Shuttle Shift Question

    I think there are two possible shuttle mechanisms. Syncro shuttle and hydraulic shuttle Please provide full model number of your tractor. Shuttle has cable to move inside trans.The cable would be my first suspect. Dave
  8. Dave_eng

    M5040 vs M6040

    I have a M7040 bought in 2012. The M6040 and M7040 seem to have the same base engine but the turbo may be the difference. NIW has posted previously on the reliability and desirability of the 7040. One feature which has changed is the brakes. The later model M7040 and perhaps 6040 have much...
  9. Dave_eng

    Tractor won't start after bleeding fuel L3130

    007kubotaguy is forum member to take seriously. Could you please confirm this bleeding procedure below is the one you are following and you are not loosening lines. Dave
  10. Dave_eng

    Tractor won't start after bleeding fuel L3130

    A bit more history please. Why was bleeding even necessary in your opinion? Dave
  11. Dave_eng

    Burning Belts

    Has anyone been adding coolant to the AC? The kits with a can can easily result in an overfilled system. If you do not know the history of the machine from day one, consider getting a mobile truck mechanic to come and put his gauges on your tractor's AC system before stating to replace parts. An...
  12. Dave_eng

    Kubota B2320 WSM

    Check your private messages. this is the envelope symbol in top right corner of most forum pages Dave
  13. Dave_eng

    RC60-72H on b7200hstd

    Could you please post a photo of broken end of the blade bolt. When you have replaced the broken bolt, slowly rotate the blade and make certain the end of the blade stays the same distance from the underside of the mower deck. To break a bolt repeatedly, something is wrong. If the spindle is...
  14. Dave_eng

    Stabilizer of Kubota 2660

    A stabilizer with a slender shaft will be strong when in tension, i.e. pulling but very weak in compression, i.e. backing up. The stabilizer to use a technical term is BUCKLING You need to be raising any implement on the 3 point hitch when your stabilizer is of this style. "In engineering...
  15. Dave_eng

    Engine Codes

    Battery no being charged Dave
  16. Dave_eng

    End cap

    It will help if you describe which cylinder on your LA302 FEL. What were you doing when it broke. There are things you should never do with a load like pushing with the bucket tilted. If you are using long pallet forks the risks are even greater. Dave
  17. Dave_eng

    B2710 hydraulic system not working after changing fluid and filters

    Could you have overfilled the trans? Next time while doing the blowing, plug the vent line outlet with your finger. Dave
  18. Dave_eng

    B2710 hydraulic system not working after changing fluid and filters

    Another trick which has helped some is to use a shop vac on the blow setting and pressurize the transmission thru where you added oil with the engine running. Suction air leaks usually do not involve fluid leaking out which is why they are so hard to find Dave
  19. Dave_eng

    K725KH no start

    If you followed Kohler's instructions and their motor does not work, this means in their world you have determined the problem lies with the motor so stop checking anything on the machine. Did you download and read the Kohler WSM that I provided the link for? What happened when you removed the...
  20. Dave_eng

    K725KH no start

    I have a Toro with a Kohler Engine. I always find Kohler's web site is very useful when it comes to no start situations. Kohler CV742 service manual Kohler recommends you break the connector which ties the engine to the equipment. In that connector is a white wire which is the 'KILL" wire for...