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  1. K.P.

    G5200 3 point hydraulic help!

    I have no experience with those tractors but not sure if you have two of the manuals you should have. Hopefully you have a 5200 parts manual. G3200 to G6200H operators manual.pdf G4200H.pdf
  2. K.P.

    Front mount blower for b7300?

    The BX2750 is the replacement for the B2650. You still need the original mount. I don't believe the BX mount or sleeve hitch will work on a 7300.
  3. K.P.

    5 NS 5011 weights with bracket (no longer available)

    Hi Randy. I sent you an email
  4. K.P.

    Kubota Front Mount blower for a B series

    Hi Ted. There is what appears to be a little used BX2750 available on Craigslist near Rockford, IL. Refer to below link. It appears to come with a front quick sleeve mount. I'm not sure how those work or mount. However, I have a frame mount for a 2750 snow blower that came off my B7300. I...
  5. K.P.

    WTB: Mounting post for a hydraulic valve control assembly for a power angle snow plow for the front of my B6200 HST Kubota tractor.

    I have a post, frame mount, and single lever hydraulic control valve that used to be on my B7300. I’m sure you’d be able to fabricate it for your needs if you have the skills and equipment. I’m located in Northeast Illinois.
  6. K.P.

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Needed more light on my B7300 for snow removal in the neighborhood. I Installed a couple of small flood lights from Harbor Freight on the ROPS. I mounted the lights to 3” diameter magnet bases so I can move them around until I find where I ultimately like them. One facing forward and the other...
  7. K.P.

    Martin House Help...

    The best source of information is
  8. K.P.

    Front snowblower for b2910

    Not exactly sure what you mean by “rotate” unless you’re talking the PTO shaft. The blower is not mounted to the FEL. The blower rear support arms bolt into the FEL chassis frame under the tractor. You just need to drill two holes. The FEL itself is removed for the winter. There is no way to...
  9. K.P.

    Messick's shipping. You've got to be kidding me!!!

    I was going to order some shear bolts for my snow blower. $15 worth of small nuts and bolts, $24 basic shipping. WTF is that? I found close enough to equal parts at my local ACE for $8.00.
  10. K.P.

    Front snowblower for b2910

    You don’t need a quick hitch for front mount snowblowers, it’s just a nicety. If you have an FEL, a snowblower mount can be adapted to use the FEL frame mount. The instructions for my B2650 snowblower shows exactly where to drill a hole on each side of the FEL frame mount in order to install the...
  11. K.P.

    B7100 Front tires - replacements?

    Trying to break the bead to get the old tire off the wheel was a huge pain in the ass without the proper tools. I took my wheels with old tires to a local car shop/tire dealer and they gave me back my old wheels so I could clean and paint them. Then took them the new tires to mount. They only...
  12. K.P.

    B7100 Front tires - replacements?

    The 900 pound load capacity of the Kenda K513 is within 5% of the OEM tire and more than 25% higher than the maximum possible weight that would ever be on the front tires of a B7100 thru 7300 tractor. Installing a tire load rated significantly higher than the OEM tire rating is not a good thing...
  13. K.P.

    B7100 Front tires - replacements?

    I installed 20.5x8-10 Kenda K513 turf tires on my Kubota B7300 as replacements for the OEM 21x8-10 Firestone Turf and Field tires. They are very good tires and have the same rolling circumference as the OEM’s.
  14. K.P.

    Attaching LA402 to a B2710

    Is there a reason you don’t want to have it professionally installed?
  15. K.P.

    L245DT tire size/replacement

    I’d recommend staying with the manufacturer specified ply. The tire ply acts as your suspension in a way and the OE spec already accounts for an FEL. More plys results in a rougher ride and often less grip on ice. The Best way to compensate for load on the front is by having counter weight...
  16. K.P.

    B7300 front tires

    IMO, I would not put anything other than a purpose built tire on a tractor. I installed Kenda K513 20.5x8-10 turf tire on the front of my B7300. The rolling circumference is almost identical to the OEM 20x8-10 Firestone Turf and Field. It works perfectly. I bought mine from
  17. K.P.

    Auger stand

    I built a four foot tall sawhorse out of 2x4’s and a pair of cheap sawhorse brackets. It was initially supposed to be a temporary solution but has proven to be adequate and effective.
  18. K.P.

    3 Point Dethatcher vs Pine Straw Rake

    Im in need of an implement that can dethatch and help prepare my yard for overseeding. I also have several large pine trees that drop a large amount of pine straw. Is there an implement that does both tasks well? By priority, dethatching would be firsthand pine straw raking second but would hate...
  19. K.P.

    Purple Martin Colony

    I just started trying to attract Martins. We bought a house with an early 1980’s DuraCraft two level six sided metal Martin house. Sparrows and starlings had been nesting in it for years. Got it cleaned, restored, and holes plugged. Installing a couple decoys today. Hopefully will attract some...
  20. K.P.

    lifting Mower deck for cleaning

    I hooked to the frame bumpers on the top of the deck which are good, balanced lifting points. The straps wrap around the bucket, teeth down, to avoid any sharp edges. Otherwise use softeners under the straps at sharp contact points.