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    The Original Tractor Relief Tool™ a Must Have!

    When I remove the grapple it will build pressure setting when it starts getting warmer. I took a old hose and a extra set on quick couplers and only put them on hand tight, so as it build pressue it will releve the pressure it self. Alos have it in a bucket so will not leace into the ground...
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    One last ride on his 4020

    That is very touching
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    L2250 side panels

    Have any of you checked with ASAP tractor salvage I have been able to get some hard to find parts there
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    I got mine from ASAP. David...

    I got mine from ASAP. David
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    L2501 FEL / and top- tilt hydraulic QC’s?

    I agree with Old Hokie, For the threads, If the QC's are leaking they have o rings in them that can be replaced and control the leak, or they have some dirt in the which happens at times when you disconnect and reconnect. David
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    What type of 3 point hitch is compatible with an M62 (cat 1 or 2)

    When I got my L4610 it did not have a three point arms or linkage. I found what I needed at ASAP salvage for under $600 which included shipping, At that time the dealer wanted $2200, if you go Cat 2 you can bushing down to Cat 1, David...
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    Cracked Rim

    I bought a L4610 used in 2018 had the same problem. Drilled the holes out and got some HD weld washer welded up and have not had a problem since. That could be a option if you can't find a replacement center.
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    Carpenter Bees.....

    This is what we use.The spray straw has 4 holes in the end.Just spray in there hole. Has dropped the population here.
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    A bit of R&R this week.

    Congratulations Sounds like you had a good life together Hope you have many more years together
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    Pros and cons of snow removal options

    Excellent description for all types of the removal procedure (y)
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    Hyd hoses

    $52 +$30=$82 just round the exact total was $82.50 I didn't spell it out correctly in the first post
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    Hyd hoses

    Universal also has a reference guide and a measurement guide. For me it was a lot more cost effective to order them and have shipped since 2 hoses were $52 and $30 to ship if had driven to town 6 hour round trip and $45 for one hose this worked out better in the long run. But I agree if I was...
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    Hyd hoses

    No did not try them but will look them up
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    Hyd hoses

    I was in need of a new hydraulic hose so started looking on line. To see if I could get the custom size and fitting required with out have to drive 3 1/2 hours to town. Found Universal hose and fitting. Called them and they did the one hose for $26.12 so order two and shipping was $82.50. Had...
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    Landscape rake question

    I use a rake with gauge wheels then remove the top link and just let it float since we have a lot of hills. Smooths it out pretty good.
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    Tractor wont shift into High

    Sometimes when hasn't been used difficult to shift Try checking the linkage as others have stated also get some lube on them. I use silicone since it doesn't attract dust.
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    Hydraulic Hose Sticker Shock

    Take a look at summit they have hoses certain sizes and seam reasonable.
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    L6060 4 point hitch doesn’t work properly

    I am with Dusty check all connections. I had it happen before and hauled the tractor for over 3 hours. the mechanic came out checked the fittings and everything worked. Lucky he didn't even charge me.
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    New guy to the forum

    Welcome You can learn a lot from the people on this forum
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    New to forum.