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    Kubota 1880BX cutting dial won't lower

    There is also an adjustment that can be made up behind the left rear wheel. Check your owner's manual. It's in there.
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    Color Identification Ring Part Numbers

    Or colored electrical tape.
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    BX23S 4in1 is GONE

    So basically, you did this?
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    Drill Chuck for 1/2" Impact Wrench?

    Anyone use a drill chuck on a 1/2" air impact wrench? I need to drill some holes to attach some 6x6 post anchors in some very old concrete. I don't have a decent hammer drill so thought I'd use my air impact. Bad idea? Good idea? Any recommendations?
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    FEL sag

    It is absolutely not normal. As Dan said, take it back to the dealer and have them fix it.
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    L3800 l3901 l2502

    I'd go with the used L3800.
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    I think I've made my retirement decision....

    As a near 71 year old who retired nearly 11 years ago, I'll just say this is the best thread/topic I've ever seen on OTT.
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    BX2380 rear ballast weight

    You're never going to figure it out exactly because each FEL load is going to be different. Put 350-400 lbs back there. You'll be happy 99.9% of the time.
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    Gonna try the 3pt mower this year.

    I suspect you're right, but I've never had a ZTR and the OP didn't mention having one.
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    What's cookin' boys?

    That's a nice blue!
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    Gonna try the 3pt mower this year.

    As long as you don't have many obstacles to cut around, I suspect you'll be a lot happier with the RFM than the MMM.
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    Rain gear recommendations?

    I have Gore-Tex that I bought in the late 80's that I still use today. It ain't cheap, but it's worth it. Luckily, it was bought at 50% off. There are other, newer rain gear fabrics that may be better, but they ain't cheap, either.
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    When is additional weight too much weight?

    Didn't bother watching the video. The guy's an effin idiot.
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    How many remember these

    Saw them all the time as a kid for marking road construction projects. We called them flambeaus.
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    What is this on the positive battery terminal?

    Looks like something somebody "Bubba'd" a long time ago.
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    Alibaba flail mower ???

    You get what you pay for.
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    OTT Freezing Browser

    Use an ad blocker and your freezing problem will go away.
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    BX1850 or BX2660 for 5 acres

    Go with the 2660. Having the extra HP and a FEL far outweigh having a post hole digger, IMO.
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    Pet Insurance

    I can get flea and tick preventatives over the counter, but I can't get heartworm prevention without a script except the place I've been ordering from for years. And no, I'm hardly a spammer. I have absolutely no affiliation with the website I posted other than as a happy customer. Where do...