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    L3302 50 hour maintenance

    I was doing the 50 hour maintenance and one item is to grease the front axle supports. Manual state to apply grease until the grease overflows the breather port. Grease zerk is fine but where the breather port is supposed to be located there is a plug. I removed these caps and the grease was...
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    Operator Presence Error

    Hi All, Thanks for the info. The L02 seats have the sensor mounted directly in the seat, I wish I had a lever that I could wiretie down. When the seat gets cold the sensor can no longer sense someone sitting in the seat.
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    Operator Presence Error

    Is anyone having an issue on the new L02 series with the seat switch not working properly in the cold?
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    L3302 - Optional Armrest

    Would anyone have a part # for the above item. Thanks in Advance
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    Kubota L3302

    I have used my neighbours L3301 off and on for a few years and felt it was the proper size. The L2501 was too small.
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    Kubota L3302

    I have aL3302 on order, dealer expects it arrive in the next couple of week. Anyone running one now?