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    So you need a better post driver.....

    Guess they need to include directions on how to use it.
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    Close call today

    It is that some people do not care for anyone else but themselves. They act like it is there road and yoi are in the way! I was heading into town and a car passed another on a curve and hill. Had to hit the brakes and just missed him.
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    Important OTT Update!

    Great new look!
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    BX25D Hydraulic Problem

    Correct, I meant to say it is on the transmission.
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    BX25D Hydraulic Problem

    The pump is in the transmission so you will not be able to get to it. And like Dave said check the rear loop. With the engine off, move the loader lever up/down/l/r to release any pressure. Disconnect the loop and reseat it. Otherwise it is on top of the transmission.
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    Too much oil!

    My friend just had his van oil changed and one of those boy***8217;s places. Left and turned on the freeway and all of a sudden it ran horrific! Towed it to the dealer and it turns out they forgot to drain the old oil out! I have a company van and take it in and they always shows the dipstick...
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    Circuit breaker size for motor

    The motor rating is 21.5 amps so 30 amp breaker and #10 wire would be the minimum. You can put a 40 amp and #8 wire.
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    Loader out of alignment

    If the cylinders are different lengths you may need to bleed out the longer one by opening up a hose?
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    BX Series Tractor Heat Question

    Yes! You beat me to it. You would need a fan with reverse blades. Ray
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    Talk about BS

    We have the same problem with them. We get a company for a while. They well out to wm. We get higher prices. Cancel the service and they want to charge to pick up the can from the previous company. I will bring it to you. Just did it again and we canceled right away. Then I get a late service...
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    Pattern Software

    Here is one.
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    Wheel Hop as your driving down the street

    My mini work van does that first thing on the road.
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    Found this while mowing

    Dad’s answer. “So that is where I left it!”
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    While moving 3/4" stone with the FEL heard a pop...

    Remember to let the pressure out of the system by operating one of the controls while the unit is off (like the fel). Ray
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    Rebuilding My Tree Damaged Kubota BX24

    If you were in need of extra power supply to the back, now would be a good time to run it. Ray
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    Rebuilding My Tree Damaged Kubota BX24

    Some assembly required! It will look great! Ray
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    Time to improvise.

    You may want to put a cover on the bucket to keep things from bouncing out. You do not want to add lead to the soil. Nice bracket! Ray
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    3 point won't raise unless bucket is curled on loader

    Sounds like a problem in the fel control. Is it sloppy? Can you wiggle it and make the 3pt work? It is blocking the flow somehow. Ray
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    Can't upload pictures

    Re: Can't download pictures The size limit is very small and an odd size. “The Dimension limits for this filetype are 620 x 280” Maybe the server is getting overfilled with huge image files. Ray
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    Bx25D Hydraulic problems

    Yes, check the backhoe connections. Maybe connect the bypass hose for the backhoe. Ray