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    Burned by EA

    I have a Long grapple and have been very pleased with construction quality, weight and durability. W.R. Long

    “Borrowing” the neighbor’s equipment… the Liability…

    This tractor is still at the dealer waiting on neighbors homeowners insurance decision. Parts won't be ordered until dealer knows who is paying. Family member is asking for tractor help to prepare his large garden. Crickets from surrounding neighbors. Bad day

    Rain gear recommendations?

    Duluth Trading has some good quality stuff. Carhart also.

    5 Acres: LX2620 vs LX3520

    An older post that asked a similar question may help with O.P.s buying decision.

    agrigulture hydraulic disconnect for third funtion?

    I believe the fittings on your tractor are called Pioneer fittings. Whoever you ordered the Grapple from should have asked which fittings you preferred and should have provided those fittings. As to which fitting to use, it is owners choice.

    Hydraulic Lines damaged often

    Here is the product refereed to in post #2. I installed mine 4 years ago and it has done its job and protected my 3rd function lines from damage. 3rd function hose guard.


    The floor mat on the RTV 1100 series uses something like this to hold them down see Item (60). They stay in place and are easy to remove for cleaning. If you scroll down on link and click on model this part fits it will give an exploded view of mat. Mat

    Best Socket Set for MX series?

    I have been using a set like this for about five years. I think my set is OTC but the case looks the same. Metric impact socket set

    ZG227 Mower any good?

    The mower is a tank, very heavy and well built. I made it to 1500 hrs before the deck spindles needed to be replaced. Otherwise no problems with mower, hydraulics etc. I have the ZD version so I can't help with engine info. I currently have 1800 hrs on mine.
  10. CGMKCM

    Trailer requirements for a Kubota 3901

    Might try calling a reputable tow truck service in your area. Most have roll back trucks that can easily handle the weight of your tractor. They also will have all of the tie down equipment as well as insurance. When we had a towing company we used to charge by the loaded mile for local tractor...
  11. CGMKCM

    Grand L4760 will i regret not going to 5460 or 6060.

    I would be surprised if your dealer responds to wheel spacer question. I enclosed page from my owners manual on how to set rear tire width. In my case it was swap Tires side to side and spin 180* to get the directional tires set.
  12. CGMKCM

    I finally figured out a use for independent brakes (and "cruise control")

    My Bad, I have not tried splitting the brakes with cruise.
  13. CGMKCM

    Grand L4760 will i regret not going to 5460 or 6060.

    I have property with lots of hills. When I 1st purchased the tractor the rear tires were set so they were flush with rear fenders and loaded. I did not have any problems but I did not feel comfortable with the set up. I also had 20 years of experience running a sub - compact tractor going for...
  14. CGMKCM

    I finally figured out a use for independent brakes (and "cruise control")

    My cruise control shuts off when I hit the brake. I use C.C. when tilling the garden and when spreading lime or fertilizer.
  15. CGMKCM

    A really bad day

    Getting answers out of the neighbor is like pulling teeth. It turns out he was backing (pushing gravel) when the box blade disconnected on the left side arm. He is trying hard to get homeowners insurance to cover the damage.
  16. CGMKCM

    A really bad day

    Biketopia specifically mention 3ph backhoes in his post. You stated "IMHO, your logic is only partially correct". My reply was based on your statement quoted above.
  17. CGMKCM

    A really bad day

    Sadly the wrench turner is getting maybe $25 per hour with no benefits. AGG/Construction Mechanic turnover in this area is ridiculous. Quality of repairs is also a problem im my area. If you do find a shop that does good work, the wait to get repairs is several weeks.
  18. CGMKCM

    A really bad day

    I do feel sorry for the neighbor and the cost to repair. I have no idea what it will take for him to step up to pay for the repair. What I have learned from this is you can borrow my tractor but I will be the operator. This only applies to a close circle of family and friends. I currently...
  19. CGMKCM

    A really bad day

    I would disagree. 3 point hitch backhoes IMO are not worth the risk of damaging the tractor. TLB machines are a different animal and can handle the added stress of backhoe weight and forces required for digging.
  20. CGMKCM

    A really bad day

    FWIW, Labor rate in central N.C. is $150 per hour.