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  1. Stumpy

    L35 fuel issue - runs 10-12 minutes then quits

    Did you bleed the injection pump too? Could be air still in there. What usually causes that symptom is a restriction in the fuel supply to the injection pump. If burping the pump doesn't work make sure the lift pump is functioning properly and the bottom of the tank isn't full of crud.
  2. Stumpy

    Problems starting a B7100 after a bit of a rebuild

    The lack of starting is sounds like an air lock at the pump as everyone else has said. Bleed the pump then the two dry injectors and work your way up from there. That noise sounds a bit odd to me. It's got oil pressure after a second or two of cranking? It could just be gear noise from...
  3. Stumpy

    Clutch Pack

    It should fit. Its just a single clutch disc though not a clutch pack.
  4. Stumpy

    Governor springs, help!

    Hummm. The book only shows a single spring, they must've made a change during production. The only reason I can think of to do spring in a spring like that is if they were experiencing some sort or spring resonance that was making the governor hunt. Just a guess. Anyway I think it's a safe...
  5. Stumpy

    Governor springs, help!

    As far as I can tell in the book your setup is just like mine. The bigger spring (governor spring) attaches to the governor lever and the smaller spring (start spring) goes in a drilled stud in the gear cover. Here's a picture of mine.
  6. Stumpy

    Sheared mystery bolts L175

    I'll second Big Kahuna's method (that and drilling them out are about the only things that have worked for me) and suggest you do it in addition to the heat and the soaking in penetrating oil Stubbyie mentioned. If you can't get it to budge then you'll have to drill it out. It's best if you...
  7. Stumpy

    B5200 Stiffening!

    Very nice! Did you replace the bell housing bolts? If it was loosening there can't be much left of the threads either. Might be prudent to drill and replace them with nuts in addition to your sub frame piece. Looks like a fine piece of fabricating!
  8. Stumpy

    Sheared mystery bolts L175

    Agreed though those look like a bear to drill out. I'll try and look at mine and discern their purpose tomorrow before I head in and let you know. Robert it's two bolts back on the rear axle casting just below and behind the protruding PTO shaft seal housing. They look like 8mm bolts...
  9. Stumpy

    Is this going to get me hurt or damage my tractor?

    Save yourself the trouble. Why drive up the hill when you can use your FEL to bring the hill to you! :) I would think backing up and down that would get old fast but if you've only got to do it once a month it might be tolerable. As for whether a hog is appropriate I don't have much...
  10. Stumpy

    Puter geeks

    Adobe products are a plague on the earth but they're integrated into everything so you've got to use them. You want to goto control panel, programs and features (if you're using Windows 7), and uninstall the one or two things that say Adobe Flash Player. Then reinstall it by going here. Make...
  11. Stumpy

    Oil Groove advice needed!

    That tapered groove in the washer is meant to allow an oil film to form between the washer and a rotating surface. I think you have it right. I believe the idea is to allow the shaft to float on the washer a bit so it doesn't wear out even if the majority of the load isn't on it. What is...
  12. Stumpy

    B6000 Air Breather

    You've got so much room around there it shouldn't be hard to adapt a paper filter housing off another tractor. The worst part would be coupling them together in a manner that's air tight. Is the neck that bolts to the intake manifold part of the air cleaner or can that be removed? If the size...
  13. Stumpy

    B8200 Problems...D950 Help

    Yeah I'm stumped too. I would figure spray pattern to be a pretty good sign of injection pressure and if it is then all the signs say your motor should be working satisfactorily. If it was a fuel issue I'd expect all cylinders to malfunction not just #1. Has it been losing oil? I wonder if...
  14. Stumpy

    BX22 starting problem

    Sounds like a classic bad ground or positive cable. What happens is the cable breaks somewhere but a few of the strands still brush up against one another to give you basic dash lights. If you try a heavier load like the plugs or starter the few strands conducting current melt away from one...
  15. Stumpy

    Z482 coolant flow

    It sounds fairly normal. They way forced water systems are usually setup there will be minimal coolant flow through the radiator unless there's a load on the engine. When the thermostat is closed it redirects the coolant flow back into the block where it just circulates. When the coolant temp...
  16. Stumpy

    L175--resurrection maintenance?

    Its certainly was on mine. Sounds like a lack of power too which could be another indicator of overheat. Unless hes willing to do about 1/3 of that I'd let that one go. Excess smoke out the breather can almost only be from the rings.
  17. Stumpy

    Close Call

    You're probably fine. Those tires are thick and that looks real shallow. If not string plug it and you'll be fine.
  18. Stumpy

    Repowered my jeep with kubota turbodiesel

    Better late than never! That is very cool! Looks a little tight in there you using an electric fan?
  19. Stumpy

    1997 R520 Sometimes Won't Move

    Re: !997 R520 Sometimes Won't Move I don't have a clue how that thing works. It looks like some sort of electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission with two separate pumps and a very complicated set of valves and plumbing. Check the fluid lever, maybe check for broken off sensors but...
  20. Stumpy

    What causes slack in a HST drive train?

    Ouch! Splines do like to run greased. I don't think the propeller shaft is what's causing 300zx's problem though. In his machine that shaft runs between the engine and pump and is always spinning at engine speed unless the clutch is in. Failing splines in there wouldn't manifest as forward...