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    Show off your homemade grill guards

    Thanks! All of yours are good looking guards! I really like the last one with the hitch receiver built into it! Ron
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    Show off your homemade grill guards

    It’s not a Kubota but it has a homemade grill guard! Ron
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    Roll Call

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    Ground hog problem

    It cost me $10k to fix my farm pond. It’s a known fact that they all have a lead deficiency….I enrich there system…..then relocate them. Someone said “I am so glad you don’t kill them”. Lol. My savage axis .223 works very well!
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    3 or 4 years ago I took a tractor radiator to a shop and had it boiled out dipped and painted and one spot soldered. $40.00 out the door…. It was as new! Ron
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    Who's Using a Trickle Charger / Battery Tender?

    Same here. I have used Battery Tender for years. I have 4 going right now on 3 tractors and an ATV. It was -2 for a few days over the weekend. It’s finally up to 27 deg right now. Ron
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    Plasma Cutter

    I am using this one. I have had it 3yrs. No problems.
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    Guns...Times have changed...

    Things were simpler. Attending a rual high school in the mid 70’s a lot of the guys drove pickup trucks to school. It was perfectly fine to have a gun rack in the rear window and have a riffle hanging in it. During hunting season a lot of the guys went hunting right after school. Now that would...
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    It’s not a Kubota......

    Same here. It has dropped 6 deg in the last hour. I cranked the wood stove up about and hour ago…
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    It’s not a Kubota......

    I put it to work this afternoon and cleaned a ditch out.
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    It’s not a Kubota......

    Down in the south west corner where WV, OH and KY meet. Yep it’s raining already. Temps are dropping. They say it will be snowing by midnight. 3”-6” of snow forecasted for tomorrow. 14 deg Saturday night.
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    BX2380 in Current Market

    I bought a BX2380 in 4/2019 with a mmm, loader w/quick connect bucket and 3rd valve for a grapple. I have 250hrs on it. I also have a larger 4WD tractor with loader. With the BX I mow banks and inclines with it. The only regret is I should have done it a few years earlier. And having the extra...
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    It’s not a Kubota......

    Sure. It will just be a few days before I can get it out and do that. Ron
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    It’s not a Kubota......

    It’s coming together!
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Do you have a link to where you got it? I am thinking about doing this. Ron
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    An Alternative Home Power Source.

    My buddy owns this company and he is also a Generac dealer. He can convert any gasoline motor to tri fuel. He has a patten on his ”motor snorkel“. It’s very simple to do. I have 3 generators and can go from gas, propane, natural gas as quick as I can change the fuel...
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    Hydraulic upgradable rear blade?

    Where is a good place to buy the hydraulic cylinder?
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    Pin-On bucket vs SSQA on a BX23s what would you do?

    For me my SSQA is worth every penny. I purchased my BX2380 with it. I ordered a land pride 3rd valve for it. I added SSQA to my Ford 1720 And did a 3rd vale to it also. They share an EA 55 grapple, pallet forks and buckets. It makes things very versatile for what I use them for.
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    New BX23S Owner-Spring Cleaning Implement recommendations

    As mentioned above weight is a big consideration with a small machine. I was looking for a grapple that I could use with my BX2380 and my Ford 1720. The first one I purchased was from Messicks. They had the specs wrong on it. When I went to the mfg web page it was much heavier than Messicks...
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    cost to install quick attach loader LA525

    I went with ATI for my Ford 1720. I ordered it through Messicks. ATI built it for my loader. All I had to do was bolt it on. I also got the plate to weld to my bucket. Very nice setup. It was about $900. I also order the WR Long 3rd valve kit. I have a grapple, pallet forks and my bucket. Very...