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  1. Missouribound

    BX2380 rear ballast weight

    I bought a pre-made one from Titan for my B2301. I believe it was around $125. I filled it with concrete 1/2 blocks (caps blocks). They are about 30# each and I believe I fit 12 into the box. I went that route for a few reasons. First of all it has tubes in the corner for tools, shove and rake...
  2. Missouribound

    Second Loan for Implements?

    You are probably correct. But when you cap either end of interest rate, it directly affects the other. I think that being an educated borrower is a better solution. The market needs to be free to weed out the scoundrels. When everything is regulated the incentives disappear as well.
  3. Missouribound

    LA302 Lost Bucket Roll Back Function

    I vote for the coupler connection as well. It has happened to me on a couple of occasions.
  4. Missouribound

    I wonder if new made in China Kubota's could be imported.

    40% of the goods in the USA come from China. No matter how resolute you are, you still own some Chinese made goods.
  5. Missouribound

    Loader dolly on the cheap and starting the homemamde fork attachment brackets

    I'd like to make just one suggestion regarding the forks. Build a "spreader" of sorts to keep them straight. I clamp mine to the bucket and use a 18" wrench on the clamps to tighten them. That's not nearly enough to keep them from swinging. If they are going into a pocket, then not needed. I...
  6. Missouribound

    Land Pride box blade defective shank failure

    According to the OP's original post, there was black paint INSIDE the crack. The only way that can happen is if it was already cracked when it was painted. It is clearly a manufacturing defect that was missed.
  7. Missouribound

    Yes, another quick hitch question :(

    You can always start one now. Who knows, maybe you can be a "thousandaire", like me.
  8. Missouribound

    Land Pride box blade defective shank failure

    With all due respect....screw that warranty wording. This is clearly a defect, not wear and tear. If the dealer won't help, call the mfg. These are $20 to $30.......but that's not the issue. Your paint diagnosis is right on. Bent or wore down.....different story. But to snap like that? That's a...
  9. Missouribound

    Piranha toothbar questions

    The Piranha is a good investment. Some have mentioned that it attaches through the side of the bucked where it's thin. True, but those are there just to keep the bar in place. The Piranha slides on the bucket above and below the edge and that is what indexes it. The bolts, for the most part just...
  10. Missouribound

    Anybody use a 3pt trencher?

    I've pulled up a lot of wire out of conduit over the years, in walls, underground and in conduit in cement floors. If it's below grade, it's coming out wet. I doubt there is a way to prevent it.
  11. Missouribound

    Yes, another quick hitch question :(

    I bought a quick hitch from Walmart....believe it or not. It was about $125. I've had it for about 5 years now, works fine, fits the Kubota equipment without an issue. For my usage I couldn't justify paying $600 or even $250 just to get an orange attachment. I'm in the process of designing a...
  12. Missouribound

    BX2680 mower deck vs. rear finish mower

    I'll just tell you my story. I have 5 acres, I mow about 2-3 of that in the rocky, bumpy Ozarks. I had a Cub Cadet tractor which gave me a backache every time I mowed. I then bought a B2320 with a RFM and it was great. Faster and no grass or dust blowing back in my face. I would trim with the...
  13. Missouribound

    B2320 FEL

    For what it's worth...... Titan Attachments may have the best selection.
  14. Missouribound

    3 point chipper?

    I have a B2320 tractor. With the relatively low PTO HP I have had a bit of difficulty locating a 3 point chipper that is recommended for this machine. I will use the chipper for simple property maintenance occasionally and I won't spend a lot for a machine that won't be getting a great deal of...
  15. Missouribound

    Cool PTO spline cover

    I imagine a trailer hitch ball cover would work if you glued a magnet inside. But the 1 1/2" covers just may be tight enough. Or you can get some shrink tubing to tighten it up.
  16. Missouribound

    Moving topsoil

    I will work on that today........
  17. Missouribound

    Moving topsoil

    Let me preface this by saying I am a homeowner with some property and my yard here in Missouri is a mess. So much ledge rock and the previous owner just spread topsoil over the rocky spots and seeded it. Fast forward a few years and now the soil has washed away from torrential rains and I have...
  18. Missouribound

    L6060 HSTC w/1055 loader lift cap?

    It probably won't lift it....but with the forks under it and you tip the bucket may lift it off the ground enough to move it. But it's not going to lift it 5' Forklift tilt hydraulics are generally stronger than the capacity of the machine.....when you tip it back the rear...
  19. Missouribound

    Ballast Box

    Great job on both ballast box and ballast "pipe". I bought one for my little B2320 but I went another route. I filled it with solid concrete half blocks. Around 400# filled. More than enough for my tractor. And I can take them out if need be. And mine came from Titan as well.
  20. Missouribound

    Lifting 5gal cans of diesel fuel a problem

    Lifting the can hasn't become a problem for least not yet. But I set a pad on the hood and use a manual siphon pump to transfer instead of pouring it.