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  1. Lawngevity

    Electric Surge Protectors.

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if we have any electricians here? My wife has a side business making crafts using a commerical grade laser. She had a Glowforge for several years but she recently upgraded. The new laser is very expensive ($14k) and I'm looking to have a tiered surge protection system...
  2. Lawngevity

    Harbor Freight ICON Tool Cabinets.

    Guys, I was wondering if anyone has a Harbor Freight ICON tool chest? The 73" cabinet is now $ 2999 which is a great deal. After researching these for several years, in my opinion they're the best value (similar really to Kubota).
  3. Lawngevity

    Best Time To Buy?

    The new offer has reduced terms as predicted (until 9/30/23). 0.00 APR for 60 months. 0.99 APR for 72 months. 1.00 APR for 84 months.
  4. Lawngevity

    Best Time To Buy?

    Kubota is still offering the 0.00 APR for 72 months and the 0.99 for 84 months at least until June 30th for the BX1880 and BX2680. I'm wondering if this will continue after that for the second half of the year?
  5. Lawngevity

    Brick Chimney Teardown and Replacement.

    I'm a little premature here with a thread but I'm curious how many brick masons are here on the board? I have a very large brick chimney that needs a teardown and rebuild from the roofline up. The previous owners were elderly and weren't aware of any issues with the cap stone. Unfortunately...
  6. Lawngevity

    Laser Pointer Buying Advice.

    So, we had an uninvited guest ring our doorbell last week at 4:30am. The lady was working the "night shift" so to speak and had somehow ended up in my neighborhood. I thought she was a decoy for the rest of the crew so we never opened the door and the police were called. The neighbor found her...
  7. Lawngevity

    Winchester Model 1897.

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a pre-1899 Winchester Model 1897 shotgun or a Winchester Model 1890 22cal pump-action rifle. If you have any leads, please message me. Edit: Please contact me even if you read this post five years from now. This isn't time-sensitive.
  8. Lawngevity

    Time to buy?

    Hi guys, Is now the time to buy a new BX1880? Conditions seem to have improved with higher inventory levels at the dealer. The financing is impossible to beat - which is hard to believe. The rates advertised are still 0% for 72 months until June 30th. On a side note, the 80 series is about due...
  9. Lawngevity

    GR2120 Proper Break-in

    I suggest moderate use, nothing excessive, especially for the first 10 hours. They do make break-in oil that has zinc (ZDDP) which you should use.
  10. Lawngevity

    Tractor Turning Radius.

    Good catch, I corrected that. Only the T2290-48 uses the Hydro Gear G-730.
  11. Lawngevity

    Tractor Turning Radius.

    Those with a farm and an M59 might measure in meters but those with less than an acre need to think in inches. Everything listed in my spreadsheet is legitimate to those interested in lawn and garden tractors. Unfortunately, Kubota doesn't have much to offer in the way of small tractors. The...
  12. Lawngevity

    Tractor Turning Radius.

    Things are slow at work right now, so I took advantage of the downtime and played around with Excel. I do have a Kubota dealer just two miles from my house and the John Deere dealer is about twenty minutes from my house.
  13. Lawngevity

    Tractor Turning Radius.

    Good morning guys! I was looking for additional information about a few tractors which might help my buying decision. I'd like to compare the turning radius, uncut circle and verify the cutting height. Any help would be appreciated! Note: The GR2120 spec sheet says the minimum uncut diameter...
  14. Lawngevity

    Best Time To Buy?

    I'm wondering if there's a rule-of-thumb to when Kubota offers the best deals? The more I think about the GR2120, the more I realize that it's NOT a 2/3rds version of a BX. The engineering just seems novice level from a batch of recent engineering school grads, not seasoned engineers. You...
  15. Lawngevity

    Kubota GR2120

    Did you find an answer or resolve the issue with your GR?
  16. Lawngevity

    Which Kubota to get this time?

    As on any vehicle, can an auxiliary cooler be added?
  17. Lawngevity

    A riddle wrapped in a GR2120.

    I found a GR2120 being sold locally that I'm considering. It's almost new with less than fifty hours. I'm just not sure what it's really worth? The asking price for the machine is $ 9500.00 While the GR2120 is probably the least desirable of all the tractors produced by Kubota, it's certainly...
  18. Lawngevity

    Bucket mouse trap - is there a better bait then Peanut butter?

    Honey Roasted Peanut Butter might be less susceptible to mold. Honey is naturally anti-fungal.
  19. Lawngevity

    Hydrostatic vs Geared Transmissions.

    I'm looking to replace my Husqvarna lawn tractor and Honda 9hp snow blower with something more useful and ultimately easier to use. I have less than an acre of grass which I enjoy mowing at a leisurely pace. The snow blowing on the other hand, that's a rough task as the snow blower is wheeled...