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    Mooring a houseboat

    Where do you park your tractor on something like that?
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    The B2650 Project: Turbo Edition

    Buzz kill ?? More like buzz intensifier !!
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    BendPak lift setup

    pics maybe?
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    BendPak lift setup

    I did similar. Cut out 3 ft squares, dug down and out. Re-poured with 6,000 lb mix with rebar so the new part is 10" deep and extends about 6 inches under the existing slab in all directions. Did it myself so the only expense was for the bags of concrete, a days rental on a mixer, and a few...
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    To fill or not to fill...also, spacers

    Most women will swear that and extra 2" makes a big difference. I have no scientific evidence to back this up ;)
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    To fill or not to fill...also, spacers

    If you are talking about a L47tlb, then it's already a heavy machine and the hoe is an integral part that you won't be taking on and off, so I would say loaded tires are not necessary since the bh is plenty of ballast for loader work. The spacers can help with stability on hills and if it were...
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    Anyone here own a boat, or know a lot about boats?

    Yes, cheap spare is the way to go. If you prefer storing extra $$, just tape a few hundred dollar bills to the spare when you tuck it away. Personally, I don't carry a spare at all. If you check it before each outing, the chances of it falling off is pert near zero. Hitting a submerged log...
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    Anyone here own a boat, or know a lot about boats?

    Cooler for "beverages", hydration is key. Sunscreen, because randomly rubbing women without it is just creepy. Pet floatation, because I like my dogs better than most people. Tow rope, because 9 times out of 9.5 you'll run into someone needing a tow, and you know ... karma and all. I leave the...
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    Bxpanded Ripper question

    For larger stumps I tend to use the ripper to you know, rip. Then I swap back to the bucket to dig and remove dirt. Then back to the ripper once I expose more things that need to be ripped. The QA makes this feasible. I've taken out dozens of stumps so for me it was worth the cash for the...
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    Ripper tooth storage solution in need of a problem.

    My wife says if I quite doing just that I'd be much farther along on my to-do list. She'll see me on some project, roll her eyes, and as she walks away she'll mumble "if it ain't broke, you'll work on it till it is". The ripper pocket may not be needed, but it sure looks good.
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    Pallet Forks

    EA forks here. If I had to buy forks again I'd get the exact same thing.
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    Carpenter Bees.....

    I'll have to post up some pics before I replace all the damage with composite products. Infuriating, but quite impressive just how much damage ole Woody can do. He truly is a pecker.
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    Woodpeckers are doin-me-ead-in!

    The carpenter bees are my initial problem, I hunt them vigorously with the tennis racquet. The woodpecker is after them too I assume, but he's not getting rid of them, just making a bigger mess. I'm hoping if I replace the damaged wood with Trex or similar, then both problems will be solved...
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    L vs B treadle

    My B felt just like the L when I test drove them both for the loader and the HST pedal. Mine is the bigger B though, it may just be a problem with 2601.
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    B2650 Wheel Weights?

    Just for reference, our loaders lift capacity is around 1,100 lbs. I've carried over 1,800 lbs of concrete on my forks up my steep driveway without any issues. I wouldn't expect you to have ballast issues with a 500 lbs snowblower up front with your set up. I was not in any form of snow...
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    B2650 Wheel Weights?

    Your set up sounds like sufficient weight. I would recommend getting the heavy hitch and spacers on, then decide if you need more weight. I run filled turfs, use my BH as ballast, and never feel the need for additional wheel weights. Are there certain tasks you plan on where the weight may be...
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    Tow hooks for the Lx2610

    Bingo. Thanks Dirtydeed, this will be my first Saturday morning chore.
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    LX2610 for square baling hay

    Move that muddy tractor so we can see that beautiful truck ; )
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    Better Late Than Never……. Kubota Lift

    I've got a BendPak 2 post and love it. I've not used it for the ZT yet but will this spring. Before getting the lift I would just use the forks with straps to lift the ZT for working on it. I've not needed the lift to work on the tractor yet, but size wise I don't foresee any issues. The...