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    L series brush guards

    Many members here do there own welding witch is great. But this I think is a good option for the people that don't...
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    Grill Guard for L2501

    Found another option for all of us that don't weld.
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    Moly is out

    If you think the rotella is messy wait till you use the red n tacky. That stuff just runs out of my grease gun like oil after it hangs in my shop for a while.
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    Woods GTC 60-2 Rototiller for sale

    Yes it is still for sale. Yes I can get it on a pickup
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    Woods GTC 60-2 Rototiller for sale

    Nice rototiller. Seen very little use. 1300.00 Located in area code 19438
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    Garage door opener

    If you have a torsion bar I would go with a wall mount opener
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    Enclosed Pole Barn

    If done right you will have no problems with your electrical boxes or wires. Make sure you have all the outlets you will ever need cause you wont be fishing in new ones later. OSB would be a definite yes for me.
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    Backhoe Pins Falling Out

    Are you sure the sliding retainer pins are pointed slightly downward an go thru the hole on the frame ?
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    A few cheap mods

    I like the clinometer idea as I have many step slopes. At what degree do you think it would tip over. I wouldn't want to be the one to put it to the test.
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    Woodmaxx WM-8H

    Thanks for the review. I plan on buying one next month.
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    Another Safety Issue—- Seat Switch Deactivated?

    I zipped tied mine in the down position it was so touchy just lift my left cheek an it wanted to shut down. Plus makes operating the hoe lots faster. Since its a hst I keep a 1x2 on board to depress the pedal to move forward or reverse rather than the hoe.
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    Quotations To Live By.....

    Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.
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    Grill Guard for L2501

    I thought the same thing. 200 less an I might bite
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    Grill Guard for L2501

    This may be the outfit you thought about. Kubota Bumpers, LLC
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    So maybe to give you some idea. This past summer I bought a L3301 just 30 minutes west of you for 23000. It had the bh77 backhoe. an 3rd function valve. quick attach bucket filled tires 70 hrs. Not that I think I got a great deal but I looked for 2 months for a clean used tractor this was the...
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    Price? L2501

    Not sure price on the new ones. I bought a L3301 this past spring with every thing on it that you mentioned an 70 hours. Also had a W R long 3rd function valve for 23,000 . you may be able to get a idea from that.
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    On line package deals

    That's correct. The loader that should be on that is a LA525
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    Tractor shed for L3901 - do you have dirt or ccrt floor?

    20k for a 30x40 concrete floor is not only expensive its down right robbery. I just got 2 prices to have a 30x30 floor done 5" thick with wire both at between 4500 to 5000. I thought that was a lot now I feel like what a deal.
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    Advice needed for hydraulic line interferring with 3 point lift arm.

    I have a L3301. Had the same concern. I just used zip ties to solve my problem.