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    Bent Top Link

    I accidentally left a quick hitch top link adapter in place and bent one just like that when lifting. I simply turned the end 180 degrees, reattached it, and lifted again, carefully, and stopped when it was straight. Bruce
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    Log Arches

    There are two main types. Do you want to lift one end of a log and drag it, or do you want to carry a log off the ground? The two photos posted above are arches that lift one end. The other style has a long, high tongue and lifts the whole log. Bruce
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    Log Arches

    if your log diameter is near the same as the upright separation, you may have trouble turning. Bruce
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    Losing interest in R14 tires...

    In my experience, wide tires are best in sand, and narrow tires are best in mud. Bruce
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    Need tips for making implement removal easier

    Difficulty changing implements is an indication that you don't have enough tractors. Bruce
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    Anyone Know What This is?

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    Daily Chuckle

    Looks like a combination of a loaded bucket raised high, turning, and running up on a berm. Bruce
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    Drive over cattle gaurd

    PDF files: Archived plans Bruce
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    Frontier implements

    Limited CAT 1 is the tractor, not the implement. Same size connection to the implement, but not the full range of motion. Starts lower when arms are level, won't raise as high. Bruce
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    Loader boom pole

    If someone wants to play with math, this might be useful. Bruce
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    Loader boom pole

    But the winch is not anchored to the ground beside the load. It is usually at the base of the pole or boom and making maybe a 120 degree turn at the pulley. The cable is mostly parallel to the boom between the winch and pulley. Bruce
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    Skidding Logs??

    Drawbar hook. Bruce
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    Kubota Skyroad

    This ad's map says Camas. That's maybe 80 miles west of Goldendale. Is it the one you bought, or is there another in the region? Bruce
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    Mowing patterns

    And you were posting while I was looking for online patterns, then drawing. :) Bruce
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    Mowing patterns

    This is how I used to do it. First pass at the edge. Second pass after a comfortable turn. Third pass next to the first, fourth pass next to the second. Same large turns all across the field. Bruce
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    CVT vs. Automatic Transmission in car

    Get the car she wants. When the warranty runs out, trade it in on a new one she wants. Quit worrying about it. Bruce
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    Land Planer/Leveler size for L2501

    Not more than a few inches wider than half your driveway. Bruce
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    How do I figure out what tractor I got?

    This one? or Bruce
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    What About Your Tractor Makes You Swear?

    My BX will do both at the same time. Bruce
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    Question about a draw bar

    With log tongs on an anchor shackle, I use the top hook of a quick hitch, or one of the blade pivot holes of my rear blade. Bruce