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    TG1860G For Sale

    1998 TG1860G w/54" mower. Good condition, needs Drive belt. Extra Deck Belt. Owners Manual - Both: Paper and PDF $1,000 OBO + Shipping
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    My Z121S Died On The Way To The Barn

    I had been cutting for about an hour and was headed back to the barn when it just died. At first I thought it was maybe not getting fuel. Checked and plenty of fuel all the way to the carburetor. It only has 49 hours and all regular maintenance has been performed on time. Any suggestions...
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    Strange thing happened while mowing on my Z121S Contd.

    For Missouribound: The problem was that I hadn't been able to get to that field for a couple of months and the grass was at least 3 feet high. Even though I went slow trying to look for any debris, I didn't see that small 1/4" stick. And I am sure that if I had walked over it I still wouldn't...
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    Strange thing happened while mowing on my Z121S

    Yesterday while out mowing, a stick about the width of the deck belt and 3 feet long got wedged into the PTO pulley and stopped the engine. It was easy enough to clear after I got it jacked up but it took a chunk out of the belt. After thinking about it awhile, it seems that a guard in front of...
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    Good speed for good cut?

    I was wondering what a good speed for my Z121S is and still maintain a good cut? With these ZTR's you can really zip around at a very fast speed compared to a yard tractor. What has been your experience?
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    New Z121S

    I just got the wife a new Z121S. :D While going over the manual, I was amazed to find that the Transaxle uses "Engine oil: API service Classification SL SAE20W-50" instead of hydraulic oil. Any other Z121 users out there have a recommendation on which brand oil to use?
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    Price for used L3200DT

    I am selling some of my land and the new buyer wants to also buy my 2013 L3200DT witch has 301 hours. Everything works and it runs like new. I changed the OIL and filter every year and the hydraulic fluid and filter every 2 years. On Tractor House the low hour ones are around $14,500. What...
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    TG1860G PTO Help

    On the TG1860G my brother-in-law just gave me I had a problem yesterday that I can't figure out. While I was out mowing and the small belt from the PTO to the deck came off. Just before it came off it smelled like something burning. I put the belt back on and as soon as I engaged the PTO, the...
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    Tg1860g wsm

    My brother-in-law gave me his old TG1860G w/RCK54TG deck. He said he changed all the fluids and oil and put on new belts. It starts and runs all right but the brakes do not stop it. I found through a search how to adjust the brakes and will try it. What I really want are PDF versions of the...
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    Great Stabilizers

    Mark, I put those new Stabilizer Bars on today and what an improvement. I can't believe the quality and workmanship. They are better manufactured than a lot of implements I have. It made changing implements so simple and quick that now I wish I had got them years ago. Thanks, Mike
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    I tried searching but couldn't find the answer. When parking the tractor for the day, is it better to leave pressure on the hydraulics, i.e. FEL up, etc. or down to relieve pressure on the seals? Thanks
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    Flase Advertising

    I saw this advertised on OTT and was hurrying to GNC when the wife made me read the fine print.
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    Birthday Surprise!

    I got a letter from my Life Insurance company for the past 40+ years that stated: Congratulations on your up coming 70th birthday. We must inform you that you have OUTLIVED your Life Insurance and it will TERMINATE one month after your birthday. What a shock. Of course I had forgotten ALL...
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    Help Wolfman, Please.

    Every time I click on a link, even when I clicked on "Quick Links, Mark Forums Read" I get a full page "CME Group" advertisement. I have to click the "Back Arrow" to get to the link I was trying for. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
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    Broken FEL

    My 3 brother-in-laws were here for Thanksgiving and one of them made a statement that set me back. He said that he did not get 4WD on his tractor, L4740, because it made it too easy to break the FEL. Has anyone ever heard of this or is he just saying it because he wasn't smart enough to get 4WD.
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    Driveline on cutter problem?

    I have a fairly new LP RCR1860 cutter with about 40 hours on it. I keep it well greased but had an unusual thing happen. The HHCS 1/2-13X3 1/2 GR8 bolt that holds the driveline to the gearbox shaft came out while using the cutter. I must assume the lock nut came off allowing the bolt to come...