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    First Snowfall - Rear Blade Adjustment - how many of you do this ?

    I have never used a back blade on mine. What I have done is used my front bucket. I would make the bucket flat on the gravel and then tilt the bucket up just a very small bit and then lift the whole bucket up just a small bit. It fills up the bucket without any gravel that I can then dump...
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    TG1860G For Sale

    1998 TG1860G w/54" mower. Good condition, needs Drive belt. Extra Deck Belt. Owners Manual - Both: Paper and PDF $1,000 OBO + Shipping
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    Buying advice

    Welcome Borgs to the Orange. At 995 hours isn't all that bad for it's age but it sure didn't come from the factory looking like that. You are wise to take note. I would have to get some answers first. Is it at a dealer or private individual?
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    Hello the forum

    Welcome to the forum Mike. (y) Very nice country where you retired too. :) What everyone loves is pictures. Please give us update photos as you progress. Thanks for your service. Mike
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    Paper plates

    I don't have any problem getting paper plates, but have a big problem getting paper bowls here. Sure, you can get all the Styrofoam bowls you could ever want, just not paper.
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    The first one left the nest today

    I guess there is always one in every family. Both of our girls went off to college and got married. But the middle one, a boy, we thought that he was never going to leave. After several years at home, he finally met a girl and moved out. 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
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    ZD326 - Can’t drive straight to save my ‘cash-n-prizes’

    On my ZT it states to adjust the linkage for loose steering.
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    I need a new hood for Kubota L3200.

    Welcome to the forum. 👍 What happened to your bonnet? The only way to get one cheaper is to check with a tractor junk yard.
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    Importance of owners manual

    Welcome to the forum Twobit. 👍 The operators manual is important for maintaining the tractor. With your experience you should not have any trouble at all.
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    Z121S Loss of Power Initial Repair

    I made the dealer replace mine as it is a recalled item. He also had to replace and reroute the wiring under the ignition switch because of a chance to catch fire, another recalled item.
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    What is really funny is that the sign is not actually meant to be funny. :LOL:
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    Independence Day 2020

    Happy Fourth of July! Thank You For Your Service to ALL who served and are still serving! That includes First Responders, Nurses, Doctors and Police!
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    Super UDT vs UDT Fluid

    You are very right about UTF. It seemed back then everyone used it. My L3200 came with Super UDT but when I went to change it the dealer only had UDT and Super UDT2, so guess what I used.
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    Super UDT vs UDT Fluid

    I use Super UDT2 on my tractor but UDT is fine for a mower.
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    Finally Did Bed Liner On Tractor

    It looks great! You did a good job of cleaning it first.
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    New Forum Software

    I see that you fixed the "Mark forums read" problem. Great job!
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    OK Im gona whine

    Our cats take care of the rats, squirrels and mice.
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    New Forum Software

    I have clicked the "Mark read" several times to no avail. It still shows 33 pages of new posts. I finally FOUND the "Mark all read" button. Why is there a "Mark read" and "Mark all read" buttons and neither one works? Press "New posts" and back to 33 pages.
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    New Forum Software

    WoW what a difference! 😁
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    Z121S Floods and Stalls

    What is the serial number on your Z121s? Here is a direct RECALL: ZERO TURN MOWERS SAFETY NOTICE KUBOTA RECALLS ZERO TURN MOWERS DUE TO FIRE HAZARD (RECALL ALERT) RECALL SUMMARY: NAME OF PRODUCT: Kubota Zero Turn Mowers HAZARD: The throttle cable can make contact with internal electric...