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    Advice and experience with zero turn mowers

    they are for the newer engines, but not very good for the older engines. Many of those older pieces of equipment were powered by Briggs, and today it is getting extremely difficult to get the parts to repair those old engines. I can remember when he would hone a block and install a new...
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    Unique Situation - Need Thoughts and Advice

    My 1988 Taurus handled extremely well and it never killed anyone.
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    Do you have a certificate of Origin?

    You can get a certificate of origin by requesting it from the selling dealer. They don't ever offer it to you, you must make the specific request for one.
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    Advice and experience with zero turn mowers

    The last local shop that sold serviced Husqvarna is closing. I asked the owner why and he said it was for lack of replacement parts availability. New inventory was slow to arrive, the costs were up and the margins were down. Same story with all the other brands that he serviced. Briggs and...
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    Anyone make a 2x12 or similar angled snow pusher for their bucket?

    Tonight go out to the local highway and bring your tool kit with you. When no one is looking, grab a section of galvanized guard rail. When you get it home, cut it to the proper length to have a little overhand on each end of the bucket. Using the fire axe that you borrowed off of the fire...
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    My Turn :(

    I lost a lot of friends to COVID-19, and almost lost a good friend who refused to get vaccinated and wound up in the hospital for almost 3 months. He still won't get vaccinated, and still has his head up his ass when it comes to protective vaccines. Just a few months ago I lost a friend who...
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    BH77 adding hydraulic thumb project.....Soup to nuts.

    What did our ancestors use to build the Great Wall of China or the Tombs in Egypt?
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    Awesome dogs / Crazy pets Thread

    Our pup Chloe was born with Megaesophagus, an untreatable digestive issue. She was one of the most loving dogs you could have ever met. Unfortunately, we lost her after a 9-month struggle to keep her alive. That was a very long time ago, but she is still in our hearts. She was a very...
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    Re: Kubota B2660 Snowblower chain stretch, how to adjust?

    I agree that your chain appears to need an adjustment. Adjust according to the manual instructions posted above, and then lubricate the chain with a chain saw bar and chain oil. You don't want to ruin that chain, because being a double chain with "O" ring seals it is a very expensive chain...
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    Unique Situation - Need Thoughts and Advice

    Firs, it must be a very conservative school to have a gun raffle. I would ask the dealer if the gun is on the recall list, and if it has been repaired. I wouldn't accept it and even if I did, I believe that it has to be sent in by a dealer, so either way, he is going to be doing the paperwork...
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    B2782 Snowblower with brand new fan, shear plate etc. breaking pins and pto drivelines

    The sprockets must be in alignment. I suggest that you use a straight edge along the faces of both sprockets to verify that they are in alignment. Then spin the sprocket 90 degrees, and check again. I have never seen a sprocket that wasn't drilled exactly in the center and if one of yours is...
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    minor electrical SNAFFU

    The breaker should have tripped long before that happened to the receptacle.
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    Tractor Snow Plowing in Europe

    When I first started plowing snow over 60 years ago, I was taught to push the snow from the high side to the low side, and then push the snow off the low side on the return pass. That way you always had room for the next big snowfall. We had a fixed V plow for opening the road if it was...
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    Picture your vehicles with the stickers.

    I can tollerate the sticker that Kubota puts on the tractor a lot more than the dealer stickers that they plaster on any and every flat surface of every "accessory" piece that they sell with the tractor. I just pulled 2 off the loader, 2 off the backhoe, 2 on the hood of the tractor, and still...
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    Daily Chuckle

    It is in the eyes of the beholder!
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    Do you have a certificate of Origin?

    Just wondering how many people who own their tractors outright (not financed) have asked their dealer for the Certificate of Origin? Since most tractors are not titled, the Certificate of Origin is the only way that I know of that will prove your ownership right quickly and positively. When I...
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    My Turn :(

    I am super careful not to get too close to people, and I know that CT and MA are running rampant with COVID-19. Even my chiropractor came down with it earlier this week. I have had all my vaccinations for Covid, RSV, Flu, etc. I only got Covid once when my wife brought it home, and I was over...
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    BX2380 "Floorboard" question

    I can get down, but I can't get up, so I only do things on my back when I know that there is someone close by who can help me back on my feet. If I can ever get my car off the 4-post lift, I can put the tractor on that to work on the underneath. I am making progress, and just last week I got...
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    Anyone use Champion 4000 for Super UDT applications?

    What is the cost of a replacement hydro or hydro repair if it doesn't work as well as the Kubota product? I like to save money where I can, but I never gamble quality when it comes to the small cost difference. The savings just are not worth the risk in my opinion.
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    snowblower chute

    Yes, there is, I believe, a Kubota electrically operated product (BX2820) ($560.00) that works for your application, and I have one that I removed from my BX2816 snowblower because I converted it to a hydraulically operated hood since I have a 3rd function valve to control it. The cylinder was...