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  1. J

    Mower Deck Bogs Down

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Glad to hear it's fixed.
  2. J

    B2301 rear bale spear

    There's a video on YouTube comparing the 2601 to the 2025R. It's put out by Good Works Tractors. In the video, he puts a weight box on the 3pt of the 2601, puts 1500lbs in it and lifts it up. I think you will be able to lift the 1200lbs. Looking forward to hearing your results.
  3. J

    B2301 rear bale spear

    I've got a 2601. The manual says it will lift 1411lbs 24 inches behind the arms. Try it. Worst that will happen is it won't. Just make sure you have some counterweight on the front end. If you do it be sure and post the photo.
  4. J

    Looking for a new trailer...

    Congratulations on a nice trailer. Now go get some water sealer and put it on the boards. Especially if it's going to be kept out in the weather.
  5. J

    Looking for a new trailer...

    If it were me, I would consider upgrading your 3500lb axles to 5000. If you ever go up in tractor size, (almost everybody does) that trailer is going to be maxed out.
  6. J

    Optimum Rpm.

    If you look at the hp/tq curve on a b2601 engine (D1105 series) you will see that between 2650 and 2800 the hp is the same. But the torque is higher at 2650 than 2800. Fuel consumption is less too. I run my engine 2600-2700 rpm when mowing. No complaints from the tractor.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Wow. No thank you. My wife is from Michigan. We were at her uncle's funeral up in New Baltimore. Got up in the morning, and snow had covered the hotel parking lot. In MAY !!! I told my wife that we're NEVER living here.
  8. J

    Mole Purge

    I have declared war on the moles in my yard!! I hate those little suckers. I level out the mounds and check the mole area 3-4 times a day. When I see a new mound I expose the tunnel, light a Gopher gasser and put it in the tunnel. Then put carboard over the tunnel and cover it up with...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    The instrument panel lamps on the B 2601 needs an LED upgrade. Depending on the difficulty, I'm going to replace them with some LEDs. There are 9 bulbs in there.
  10. J

    Salesman gave me a Free Hat.

    When I traded my JD1025R for a B2601 the salesperson showed me the numbers. . . I was ready to sign the check. My wife told the salesperson to call the manager back and tell him we want $600 more off the price. The manager reluctantly agreed. Found out later the computer wouldn't accept...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Not that I use it at night, but I decided to do the $20 upgrade to LED headlights.
  12. J

    Knowing what you know now, would you buy the same tractor again?

    Yes, I would keep what I have. I replaced a JD1025R with a B2601. The JD was too small and too low to the ground. The B2601 is exactly the size I needed.
  13. J

    Most used attachment for your compact

    1) 54inch MMM 2) 3 point carry all. 3) 185lb capacity pull type broadcast spreader.
  14. J

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    A cow shit shovel. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    My brother-n-law and I were using a rental tractor mounted PHD to replace the fence posts on a wooden privacy fence we were replacing. I had 3 holes left to dig when I heard a loud POW and smoke started coming out of the hole. . . I had hit the neighbor's underground electric line. I was...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    After a brutally hot and dry summer that took its toll on the grass and trees it's finally cooling off and raining again. So, I broke out the spreader and fertilizer to try and help the grass along.
  17. J

    What RPM's should a Kubota B8200 engine Idle

    1000 RPM sounds right to me. Thats where my 2601 idles. My last 2 green tractors (670, 3005) idled around that. Only my 1025R was different. It was 1575 RPM at idle. Too fast. . . Just one of the reasons I traded it for my 2601.
  18. J

    She won't crank over.

    I read a post a couple of days ago about a tractor that was smoking really bad and would barely run. Have you checked the air filter? Always start with the easy things first.
  19. J

    ROPS adjustment

    The first thing I did when I got my B2601 home was to fold the ROPS. My property is flat, and the odds of needing my ROPS is about .00001% If I ever move to a hilly area, I can raise it back up. But for now, it's going to stay down.
  20. J

    Parting out Kubota B series

    Thanks for replying.