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    m5400 how woods

    Hello I did not think about the closed system.I will need to rebuild the master controller that runs the bucket and rotation. That's were it leaks badly. I did not think that about the closed system. Ill fix that and reboot the system. Thx
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    Renting vs Buying attachments

    its a good price. If you are going to need it only once rent to. But if you rent it twice buy it! Because 1/2 of its paided for and you now own it. Jut my thoughts.
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    m5400 how woods

    So my tractor is well used. Hr meter went long ago. I am having a real issue with keeping my how in place. it keeps loosing pressure. What ever ive done wrong I have done it well. My legs dont work well either. Then we come to the joy stick on the tractor it squirts hydraulic fluid like water...
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    I need some good advise and small tractors but still able to dig rocks, plant tree's and run a...

    I need some good advise and small tractors but still able to dig rocks, plant tree's and run a how with force. I have a M5400 and need a turf tire with a bucket & hoe either the L series used or a Bx. I just feel they look to small but I AM SURE YOU OUT HERE KNOW BETTER! My 5400 is a1990 large...
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    Older B series backhoe / subframe questions

    Yes stress all the parts involved. I have a M5400 with a woods hoe. I dont know the number but a good 9' reach and depth. . I have broken my arms and the top link digging large rocks out. I did add a manual thumb with is a life savor!
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    B7500 with 5k hrs buying advice...

    I am not a genius, nor very smart! But many more hours over 2500 makes me very suspicious! Unless your a good Mechinic and think 800 to 1000 is A GOOD DEAL. I may want more but I'D LIKE TO=HE MOON! TOO.
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    Need a small multi purpose tractor

    Need a lawn tractor with a hoe, I use a M5400 now. Either a BX or an L But need good advise. I use a M5400 now. Which is great! But tires are foam filled and need a smaller unit. Either a BX or an L, But need good advise, I worry the BX models are to small?