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    To fill or not to fill...also, spacers

    Grading land is only free if you don't value your time. You should drop him a line about how you're going to hook him up with some of that free fill you have. Jay, you have a real hard time admitting that you were wrong in this thread. Now you're just doubling down and being absurd.
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    To fill or not to fill...also, spacers

    He could also eliminate all the time he spends in traffic by flying his own helicopter... What's the time and financial cost of filling and grading land versus just putting on wheel spacers? The point that spacers work and is an affordable way of adding safety and stability is proven by the video.
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    To fill or not to fill...also, spacers

    Here's a video just posted by "Peek's Peak Hobby Homestead" that shows a before and after of how tippy his BX was on the same slope. TL:DR: Without the spacers he was able to push the tractor's back wheels off the ground significantly and with ease when on the slope. Afterwards, he said it...
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    Tires tearing up the lawn, go wider?

    You'll want R3 (aka Turf) tires on the tractor for not tearing up the lawn grass but will most likely require getting new wheels also but you should confirm that. Those tires have the least amount of traction in the mud and such. R4 is a little more aggressive tread to give better traction in...
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    Recommendations on post hole digger

    Land Pride has an auger that attaches to the front end loader and uses the 3rd function valve to operate. Model number is SA10 I have one but haven't used it yet but the main benefit of it over a 3ph...
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    Torque Wrenches

    I love my 1/2" drive Snap-on ATECH with the flex head. Was it expensive, yes, but "buy once, cry once". It's my HELPeR for getting my torque checks done quickly. For me, paying the money for high quality tools is worth it since their price is minuscule to price of equipment they are used...
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    Wicked 55 root rake grapple .

    It took 4 months to get mine when I ordered it in October 2022, but has been worth it. I use it on a L3902.
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    To fill or not to fill...also, spacers

    A simple test to simulate whether having a wider wheel track is effective is to consider whether it's easier or more difficult to push you over from the side when pushed if your feet are wider than your typical standing stance. Obviosly putting on 4" of wheel spacing isn't going to suddenly...
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    To fill or not to fill...also, spacers

    Considering the number of Kubota dealerships (like Messicks in PA) making videos on YouTube talking specifically about putting wheel spacers on the tractors they sell contradicts the problems you seem to say that are certain to arise. Such dealerships are going to know first hand how much of a...
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    RTV tire question Wranglerstar recommends DWT MOAPA Run Flats for UTVs since they're practically bulletproof.
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    Tooth Bar??

    I have a Heavy Hitch toothbar and like that I didn't have to drill any holes in the bucket; just held in place by screwing down the retaining bolts. I also like that the teeth on it are replaceable making long term use and maintenance easier compared to the others.
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    PTO Driven log splitter vs. stand alone L3902HST

    I have an L3902HST also and have purchased a Split-Fire 3403 3-point log splitter a few months back. In my case I also went with the option of getting the PTO hydraulic pump and separate reservoir since the hydraulic flow on the L3902 is only 6gpm and the pump they sell (it seems to be Prince...